The Misfits

The misfits are a mercenary company that roam the wild country of Estoya. Originating in Estoya, the group takes contracts in the freeholds, Estoya, and even in Mhirriah. Their activities at The Red and Black Gates under the employ of Erzhabell and Xiander earned a reputation other companies could only dream of.   The Misfits consist of 459 members, each highly trained in their own specialized field. The misfits are divided into four divisions, each dedicated to a different form of combat. The bulk of their force takes the form of infantry and cavalry who are backed by their second largest group consisting of ranged troops. The third group consists of siege weapons, thought they rarely use it. The smallest group consists of those trained in The Arcane.

The Endless Crusade

Hordes of Demonic Entities attempt to siege The Red and Black Gates continuously. Occasionally, The Church of Mhirriah calls for aid from any who will listen. This generally occurs when the gates suffer heavy casualties. The Misfits were called to action, and fought outside the gates, exposing themselves to Ember Sheen. Most survived the encounter, but died later due to the effects of Malady Exposure. The act of heroism gained them a reputation, but it would be a century before they would amass their numbers again.


Members are divided into smaller detachments, each consisting of 10-20 members. These detachments have members from all divisions, to ensure that each detachment stays well rounded, and suited to take on any threat. The organization tends to favor a wide variety of weapons. Each member is free to choose their outfitting so long as they meet Jittim Yore's standards. The Misfits dress in black, gold, and silver, and never bear the colors and sigils of any nation or noble house. Members can wear other colors, however, but it cannot reflect any specific nation or give the impression of fealty. . The group only use the simple symbol of a stag skull to represent themselves. Their equipment is usually of the highest quality, and well maintained. The company is a well oiled machine that travels in large caravan wagons, painted black, with black armored horses pulling them.


The leader of The Misfits, Jittim Yore, has been running the company for nearly thirty years. He is one the most experienced members of the company and trained under his father, who was the right hand of the previous leader. His skills in Arcana primum rival most mages in Estoya, who know him for his skills in elementalism. Jittim was born in Cordais, traveling to Estoya on The Trans-Cordaisian Caravan. He and his father lived in poverty for several years. His father took up various security jobs, working as a bodyguard for members of The Minor Nobility. Eventually, The Misfits took him, and his son, into their ranks. The encounter led to the death of a minor noble, but Jittim's father managed to kill nearly five members of the company, in return. When Jittim was in his 20s, he began to show exceptional skill in arcane power, and swordmanship. He joined the company, and fought alongside his father. After his fathers death, and Yorha's retirement, Yorha chose Jittim to lead the company as a replacement.

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