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Ferocious Blood

Written by Endrise

Sure the tusks and the broad builds might seem dangerous, but if you don't act like a total jerk they can be sweet pals.
— Lane Palmer

Half-Orcs, occasionally called Orcbloods, are the result of Orcs conceiving children with fellow races across Fabulae. Sharing their strong builds and ferocity, many might only see a brute at first while in reality they are way more than just that. For each one aspires to find respect in their societies, to keep standing strong regardless of what life throws at them.

Basic Information


Half-orcs are a fairly tall race, standing somewhere between the height of regular Orcs and Humans most of the time. Many possess a strong physical build, typically with greyish or greenish tones for their skin.

Their pointy ears and small protruding canine teeth stand out the most, with heavy brows giving them a bestial look. However, some also show more Human proportions in their face, giving them some diversity when it comes to appearance.

Biological Traits


Half-Orcs are known for their ferocity, as their body produces a large amount of adrenaline during battle situations. Legends even tell of some losing entire limbs and bleeding out, only to maintain consciously long enough to deal the killing blow.

The downside to such adrenaline-pumped bodies, however, is that blood transfusions with other races can be dangerous if not careful. While possible, there might be a chance of an overdose, making it important to distil Half-Orc blood beforehand.



Some pig-faced Orcs find themselves gaining interest in Human partners, which leads to the birth of a Snoutblood. Like the more bestial creature, many have a pig-like face with a snout and drooping ears, sometimes even an overbite. Such features do however lead to discrimination, making many even more an outcast amongst society.

Non-Human Orcblood

Not every Half-Orc finds themselves to be the child of a Human. Said individuals have vastly different appearances, such as the stocky nature of Dwarves or even a lean build like Elves. However, most of these physical traits are merely aesthetic rather than functional.

Genetics and Reproduction

Half-Orcs are capable of reproduction with their parents' races, although the children will always have some form of Orcish blood in their body. Gestation-wise, their pregnancy is about 9 months, with a healthy birth consisting of one to two children at the time.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Half-Orcs typically are found in the regions where Orc societies border near other race groups, usually as a form of peace treaty amongst tribes or settlements. However, reports have shown their kind to appear practically everywhere, either through migration or other circumstances moving across Fabulae.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orckin's eyesight is quite strong when it comes to looking in complete darkness, making many viable to explore deep caverns or dark environments.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male names: Ausk, Davor, Hakak, Kizziar, Makoa, Nesteruk, Tsadok.
Female names: Canan, Drogheda, Goruza, Mazon, Shirish, Tevaga, Zeljka.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Half-Orcs are the children of two fairly distinct racial cultures, making them mix elements of both races into their own sub-culture. Those raised in Human societies tend to share more Human traditions, while those in Orc ones share more Orcish traditions. Few have the exact same ideals or beliefs, preferring to take the best of both worlds.

Common Myths and Legends

  • Half-Orcs are not very smart: Seeing as Orcs are a little bit dim-minded, many believe that Orcbloods also suffer from this same problem.
  • Half-Orcs have anger issues: Some believe Half-Orcs have a major issue when it comes to controlling their own anger, which leads to the assumptions of them getting into fights quickly.
  • Half-Orcs are clumsy: As Orcs aren't really graceful beings, assumptions go around that Orcbloods also suffer from this nature, alongside the many tales of store owners that help the myth.
  • Half-Orcs are born infertile: Some believe Half-Orcs are born infertile due to different genes, although it has been made clear they are able to reproduce just fine.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Half-Orcs have a bit of a reputation when it comes to relationships amongst other races, typically in a more negative light. Seeing as Orcs are regarded as brutal and savage, many consider their halfblood children equally terrifying. As a result, many end up being discriminated for crimes they didn't commit, being put to blame for the mistakes caused by others.

In Human societies, this usually shows up the most, as Orcbloods are often given a stink-eye for their heritage. Sometimes it's simply raising shop prices or ignoring questions, while in more extremist groups this leads to imprisonment or even execution.

In Orc societies, Half-Orcs mainly struggle keeping up with the physical prowess of their culture, being easily outclassed by other individuals. However, they excel at the more practical elements, being welcomed as assistance for both front- and backline work in Orc society.

Half-Orc Players

Half-Orcs are typically seen as bastard children, strong willed but rarely accepted. Many look to prove their worthiness in adventure, either trying to put aside their past or work for a collective future. You could do the same, but rejection might lead to a slippery slope towards a life of combat, forced to fight for survival.

Common Languages
Common, Orc
Genetic Ancestor(s)
60-80 years
Average Height
4'5" - 6'5"
134 cm - 195 cm
Average Weight
110 lbs - 318 lbs
50 kg - 144 kg
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Grey or green

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