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Magic Blood

Written by Endrise

Half-Elf families are quite the hassle if you ask me: at one side you have a parent you are going to outlive, and the other is going to outlive you.
— Human Farmer

Half-Elves, also known as Elfkin, are the result of Elves conceiving children with fellow races across Fabulae. Sharing the ageless looks of their Elven parent but the diversity of Humans, many have a difficulty fitting in either society. However, many try finding a place to call their home, regardless of their heritage.

Basic Information


Half-Elves share traits of both parents, usually the lean build of Elves and often the diverse skin tones from Humans. Many also have the typical pointy ears, all be it less pronounced than others, with the colourful spectrum of eye colours from Elves.

Biological Traits

Restless Soul

Likes Elves, Half-Elves require less sleep than others. While they do need to rest, their bodies are resiliant against tiredness or sleepiness. Many theorise this has to do with their magically charged bloodline, which might lead to forms of insomnia.



Formally referred to as Drowkin, Thinbloods are Elfkin whose parentage derives from Drow. Recognisable by their greyish skin and silver hair, many possess abilities of the dark Elves such as darkvision and light sensitivity. However, most are killed in Drow culture, solely because they are seen as blasphemy amongst their beliefs. Hence, it's rare for many to live long in the Subterrane.

Non-Human Elfkin

Some Half-Elves find their parent's heritage to derive from not just Humans, but rather from other races. This leads to other unique physical traits, such as Orc tusks or the height of Dwarves, which at most only change their aesthetic rather than abilities. There are even rumours of halfbloods born from outsiders, such as the elusive Fae.

Genetics and Reproduction

Half-Elves are capable of reproduction with their parents' races, although the children will always have some form of Elven blood in their body. Gestation-wise, their pregnancy is about 10 months, with a healthy birth consisting of one to two children at the time.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Half-Elves are typically found in the regions where Elves and other races co-exist with one another, although there have some spotted in other areas as well.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Elfkin have an enhanced perception of reality, allowing them to hear and see better than normal. Most blame it on their pointy ears being used to sense disturbances in the air, while others just believe their eyesight is better.

Like Elves, they also possess the ability to easily see in dimly lit environments such as dungeons and dark forests, making them handy for adventuring parties.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Males Names: Calathes, Encinal, Iradli, Kyras, Narciso, Quinray, Seltyiel, Zirul.
Female Names: Cathran, Elsbeth, Iandoli, Kieyanna, Lialda, Maddela, Reda, Tamarie.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Half-Elves are the children of two fairly distinct racial cultures, making them mix elements of both races into their own sub-culture. Those raised in Human societies tend to share more Human traditions, while those in Elven ones share more Elven traditions. Few have the exact same ideals or beliefs, preferring to take the best of both worlds.

Common Myths and Legends

  • Half-Elves have precise hearing: Some believe that a Half-Elf can hear a pin dropping down a hallway with their hearing, although that might be somewhat exaggerated.
  • Half-Elves can see for miles: Rumours go around that Half-Elves have an eyesight that can see into the horizons. In truth, it's a bit less spectacular.
  • Half-Elven ears are super sensitive: Similar to Elves, people believe Half-Elves have such sensitive ears pinching them would result in their knees going weak.
  • Half-Elves are born sterile: Due to crossbreeding, some stories go around that Half-Elves are incapable of reproduction due to their hybrid nature, similar to a mule.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Half-Elves exist in a space between being both beloved and hated by their communities, mostly depended on how each views one another. Their kind is seen as the symbols of peace for some societies, others consider them merely bastard children of affairs with the enemy.

Human societies actually seem to work the best with Elfkin, considering them more akin to Human plus. Due to their enhanced senses, many end up becoming valuable explorers amongst adventuring parties while others just find comfort being around fellow Humans.

Meanwhile, Elven cultures are known to be harder for Elfkin, seeing as many barely live longer than their parents. It doesn't help that Elves don't have the same family ideals as other races, which leads to Elven parents abandoning their children once they're mature enough.

Thinbloods, however, end up with the worst relationships. For many their existence is taboo in Drow ideals. They are hunted down to try and purify the tainted bloodlines of the Dark Elf society. More often than not, this leads to them living in isolation of the outside world to avoid being found out about their existence.


Half-Elf by Endrise

Half-Elf Players

Half-Elves are the border between two very distinct societies, having difficulty fitting either one. As such, they seek to find a place to belong or feel at home. Whether it be with an adventuring party, or people who also don't belong anywhere in the world.

Common Languages
Common, Elven
Genetic Ancestor(s)
125 years
Average Height
5'0" - 6'6"
1.52m - 1.98m
Average Weight
90 lbs - 180 lbs
41 kg - 82 kg
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

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