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21 Jun, 2021 19:49

Very interesting article Endrise ^^   I have one question regarding their disguises. When it is such scandalous to be seen in these places wouldn’t it be easy to ruin someone’s reputation by disguising as them? Wouldn’t that mean that tons of peoples reputations get ruined each month?   Further. If it is possible to put on a convincing disguise and people know about that would it not be safer to not wear a disguise so others start assuming that people want to ruin you with bad press leaving you in the unique position to play the victim?

Creator, artist and writer of the science fantasy world Kingsmaker.   Check out my Worldember page.~
21 Jun, 2021 20:25

It tends to happen from time to time, especially with how widespread and diverse the drow society is. Combined with a rather corrupt upper elites and paranoia being fed through propaganda, it is possible that either one can happen. Either using a disguise to make rivals be eliminated, or just being so untouchable that going without a disguise is feasible.