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Green-puh (Approx.)

Accept the root into your soul, into your mind. Let your very bones become as wood, and grow. You shall blossom as Gryiinph demands, there was never any choice in the matter.
— Cultist ritual, translated
  Gryiinph is an eldritch being, also known as the Rootmind, from which some have been able to gain power— for a price. Their true form, thoughts, and feelings are unknown, but their influence on the world of man is unmistakable.  

Symbolism and Worship

Signs of the Rootmind

Common symbols of Gryiinph are upside-down trees with their roots twisting into the air, tree taps, and petrified bodies. Those who worship Gryiinph— or find themselves entangled by the being's whims— will have part of their body petrified, and turned into bark. Worse yet are those who fail to follow their new impulses— tales tell of screaming trees in the darkest of places.  

Wild Worship

Those who worship Gryiinph are those who are more in touch with nature than their fellow man, many being lone hermits deep within the wilds. Many of their rituals involve a mysterious substance known as the sap of man, a viscous honey-brown liquid which is procured by using a ritual tree tap on a still living or recently deceased human.   Victims that are found after these rituals will have circular holes surrounded by hardened, bark-like skin on their bodies, they will tell of strange visions, and possess an increasing desire to venture alone into the wilderness. Worse yet, surviving victims will often become drawn and even addicted to the substance still leaking from their wounds.  
She stared at me with sunken, guilty eyes— but the smile on her lips was unmistakable. The horrid wound on her leg oozed that disgusting liquid, and a small telltale drop slid down her chin.
— A horrified father

Tapping into power

Gryiinph is either unaware or uncaring of mankind's existence, those who manage to steal power from the being are cursed with strange desires and impulses— as if the being expected them to come, their sap acting as bait.   A ritual tree tap will appear in the now bound individual's hand the next morning, and a hunger for the sap of man will grow from within.   They know they must have more, and they know the consequences of failing to meet this new impulse.  
Are we tapping into their power— or are they tapping into ours?
— A weary cultist


Followers of Gryiinph often believe that the being's roots spread through every inch of Qet, manifesting in myriad ways. Some see blood veins as one such manifestation, explaining— to a degree— where the sap of man comes from. This is, however, disputed by other followers, who believe that, were this true, Gryiiph would already have complete control of mankind— which they argue is their goal. Given the fact that Gryiinph seems largely uncaring of mankind, this is unlikely.   Many followers believe that all life on Qet was born from the Rootmind, as their fruit. Gryiinph does not communicate simply because their progeny has yet to mature— which they must do via continued worship to the being.  


Author's Notes

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Oct 20, 2019 22:05 by R. Dylon Elder

I loved it. Yet again, you blow me away. I think the entirety of the article really shows a very unique concept. The idea if the ritual tapping of the body is gruesome and horrific but also soooo awesome.   You hit a fine space is cosmic horror here and id love to hear more stories behind it and also find myself very curious about the cult itself. Excellent work.

Oct 21, 2019 00:50 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks, again! This is my favorite of the eldritch beings so far, I love some good body horror and think this is near one of my best in that particular area! I DO really want to write more about this somehow, considering a bit of prose or writing about some who worship them.

Oct 21, 2019 00:54 by R. Dylon Elder

The prose... it must happen! I neeed it. Of allt he three. this is the one i want to see most in a story. I will say that.

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