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The glowing drink tasted paradoxically like nothing and everything all at once, I expected to have to wait for the effects to begin but soon found myself far, far away from my humble home. Around me floated strange, fractaline forms my eyes could not follow, and a unplaceable chill ran through my entire being. Here, I hoped to find the answers I sought.
— Unknown occultist
  Yuulep is an eldritch liquid utilized by occultists throughout Qet to aid in their rituals and worship— or for occasional recreational usage.  

Appearance & Usage

Yuulep is the blood of a distant star, harvested simply by reaching up and collecting it. It can only be harvested if one possesses the knowledge of its existence— to everyone else, nothing appears out of the ordinary. Which stars bleed, when, and how much they do so changes from night to night— leading some to make covert businesses out of collecting and trading the liquid to other occultists.   Yuulep appears as a thick, grey liquid filled with gently floating clouds of multicolored particles. The liquid glows brightly, yet does not cast any light. It is both tasteless and overwhelmingly flavorful at once, none have been able to adequately describe the taste with words alone. A small flask is usually enough for any purpose, but some cases may require more. Many occult rituals require the imbibing of yuulep to induce particular hallucinations and mental states. What, exactly, one hallucinates depends on how the liquid is imbibed.   For example, imbing yuulep by drinking it will typically induce a broader range of hallucinations— while pouring it into one's eyes will merely produce visual ones. Different cases can lead one to drink yuulep, pour it into their eyes or ears, pour it over their heads, or even bathe in it. Wherever the liquid is poured, it is quickly and readily absorbed by the body— and the hallucinogenic effects take hold almost immediately. These hallucinations can vary wildly, many are incredibly strong and make the user feel as if they've been transplated to another plane of existence, while others may simply introduce sights and sounds to the world around them.  
As I wandered through the ever-shifting realm I now found myself in, a shadowy figure approached.   It spoke to me without words, and yet I understood. "Seek the poisoned one." With that said, it enveloped me in its smoky, shifting form— blotting out all of my senses.
— Unknown occultist
  Yuulep-induced hallucinations can often grant one knowledge they may not have been privy to otherwise, either by showing them something they needed to be shown, showing them part of the past or future, giving them a hint or sign of something they need to do, or even in some cases outright explaining something to the imbiber. The hallucinations may also be incomprehesible mixes of colors, sounds, fractaline forms, and alien sensations the human body should not be capable of feeling. Whether or not these sensations are good, however, also varies wildly— some may have a pleasant experience, while others may face extreme pain or even information that changes them forever.  

Poison Stars

Yuulep is occasionally discovered by average civilians, who sometimes begin to consume it regularly. Whenever this happens, and especially when it spreads— it tends to swiftly become feared and banned. Eventually, those who regularly consume the liquid will become afflicted with yuulep poisoning. They will see their own blood begin to change— the veins inside their bodies glowing just as the liquid does, before losing all of its red pigmentation and becoming nearly indistinguishable from yuulep.   When this happens, the victim will be trapped in a constant hallucinogenic state wherein they cannot trust anything to be real. They will see, hear, and feel threats, friends, food, and incomprehensible things where they do not exist— leading to a wide range of unhealthy responses both for themselves and those around them. Thankfully, yuulep poisoning is easy to avoid— simply ensure that you don't consume copious amounts of the liquid for days on end. Despite this, it remains banned due both to the potential for poisoning and the fear of anything magical.  

The Poisoned Man

One man, known simply as Qultqep Olxliklizet,? or the poisoned man purposefully became afflicted with yuulep poisoning, in search of higher meaning, and eldritch knowledge. Miraculously, he has survived for decades in this state unharmed. Those who imbibe yuulep will occasionally see visions of the man hidden away behind a waterfall somewhere in the outskirts of Louh. He welcomes any visitors who manage to find him, and offers insight— cryptic though it may be.
I came to what must have been hours later, sweating, and standing before a waterfall— having no recollection of how I had gotten there. Yet something behind it— a strange light— beckoned me forward. Perhaps my answers were close at hand.
— Unknown occultist


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