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Zeloutihue's Skull


Wake up, up, up! Why must we dream only while asleep? I want to drink!
Drink from their soft, ripe heads— full of delicious dreams.
  Twisted skull of Zeloutihue: Lunatic of Lliaq,? taken from her body after she left her mortal form behind, becoming Zokatash: The Lunatic's Lake.  

While Awake

Practitioners of dream magic are bottlenecked by dreams themselves; mortals can only dream so much every time they sleep, and even experts who have maximized the amount of dreams they can dream in a single day are still limited by this fact. Some choose to hunt dream-eaters such as gaegoeds,? but these are not always available, and the hunt is dangerous. Unlike these creatures, mortals cannot easily take the dreams of others for themselves. This problem was an obsession of Zeloutihue's study, and before she ascended, the lunatic had perfected a torturous method of dream-extraction that had made her feared among the people of Lliaq?— a method that can still be utilized by whoever wields her skull.  

Appearance & Usage

Along its bottom half, Zeloutihue's skull appears like any other human skull. Ripples radiate from the very top of the skull, deep crevices that surround an oval-shaped hole. Inside this hole is a strange, blue star-flecked darkness that appears as if endless— well beyond the capacity of the skull itself. It is from this hole that Zeloutihue's being exited her body upon her ascension— and here remains a connection to Zokatash, and the madwoman's power.   When wielding the skull, one can target an entity that is awake, and force them to dream. The victim's perception of reality will be warped with that of the dream— even if it is a nightmare. This can lead to a variety of responses; victims could attack their allies— seeing them as nightmarish demons, someone in the midst of danger may put down their arms— believing themselves to be in a peaceful meadow, some may cower in fear, and others may appear as if they'd gone mad. Whatever the dream— the wielder of the skull will be able to collect it to cast their own spells, with a chance that they may dream the dream themselves, and suffer the same effects as their victim.

Siphoning Skull

Zeloutihue's Skull can be found within the Qet TTRPG! Dream Denizens that manage to obtain it will be able to cast more spells than they may be able to otherwise— now wielding a tool to gain more dreams.


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