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I was presented with what none would dare deem edible— a writhing mass that seemed as if larger than it truly was.   "Eat." My captor said.   I knew not what else to do— I had only managed to free one of my arms, and the opportunity to escape had yet to present itself. And so, I ate.
— Unknown traveller
  Paeshiq is a strange, eldritch ball consumed by occultists while performing eldritch rituals, in order to bring them closer to the cosmos. Outside of rituals, some find the writhing masses useful for performing feats that should be impossible.  

Appearance & Usage

Paeshiq is a translucent ball made of small, writhing worms with varied pigmentation. Despite the small size of each ball, one cannot shake the feeling that they are much larger than they appear. When held, it seems to lack a temperature— yet feels as if it saps the warmth from one's hands despite never emanating this warmth afterwards. Despite appearing soft and nearly gelatinous, when eaten, one will note a dry, crunchy texture from the ball. A ball of paeshiq only requires a merciful few bites to consume, each producing a larger piece than it should be able to. Balls of paeshiq are obtained through a simple occult ritual— or by purchasing it from other occultists who have already performed the necessary rites.   Paeshiq is commonly consumed as part of eldritch rituals, as it can bring one closer to the cosmos. When eaten, one feels as if they are larger than they truly are. Their physical form remains unchanged, and yet— they can reach and interact with objects and entities up to 15 ft. away without physically touching them. Though it lasts a mere moment, this effect introduces a slew of potential uses for clever occultists.  


Only one ball of paeshiq should be consumed at a time, those who are foolish enough to consume multiple balls at once will project their forms farther into the cosmos than their bodies can withstand. Far enough that they can no longer breathe. Most suffocate before the effects of the paeshiq wear off— as if their heads had gone much too high into the atmosphere.  
I consumed that horrid, writhing mass— which unexpectedly crumbled in my mouth, making me gag.   Immediately, I felt a strange sensation— as if I was larger than myself. With my free hand I reached towards my captor— who had now crossed to the other side of the tent— and began to choke them, despite not being close to them.   They simply smiled.
— Unknown traveller


Paeshiq can be found within the Qet TTRPG! Players will find it useful in performing occasional rituals, and particularly clever players can figure other uses for the strange edible.


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