Malchus Grimnas

Tiefling Warlock


Malchus Grimnas is a founding member and usually the spokesperson for his group.   Not much is known about Malchus before adventuring with the group. He had left his twin brother, sister and mother in Brightport to seek his fame and fortune.   He joined with group one in adventuring, soon rescuing Talia Padraig, the daughter of the mayor of Winterhaven hated for his appearance. He stayed in Winterhaven with a few members of the group, until the road called them once more to venture.  
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Arc 1
Reuniting with Thoril and Trias in Overdale, the group continued adventuring together, garnering much success. After winning the Tournament of Champions, Malchus confronted the mayor of Overdale about their winnings as well as an issue of sentient beings being used as slaves. During their conversation, the mayor had a heart attack and died, creating a chain of events with results that still linger. The group then headed to a swamp to deal with Thoril’s oncoming vampirism. Here, Malchus encountered a small girl named Briahna. The two quickly bonded and Malchus became very protective of the innocent child, even fighting to save her life on occasion.   After events unfolded with Overdale and interim-mayor Zannon Carter, Malchus and the group were branded as outlaws and wanted criminals. They retreated to the one haven they have, Winterhaven. Eventually, Carter met with the group to sign a treaty in Winterhaven. Malchus pioneered the idea of the group’s crimes being expunged in return for not venturing south to Overdale again. He then unintentionally forced the group to go along with him, as he exited the room upon signing the treaty, ending any further negotiations.   The party continued forth to Drock's Tomb, defeating the ancient barbarian. After returning to civilization, the group learned that 17 years had passed and that Overdale, now Overwatch, had been terrorizing western Theria for years. This all was traced back to the treaty, which is known by some as “Malchus’ Folly” though Malchus takes no blame for the course of events.   The group reunited with many old friends in Winterhaven, having even more details of their absence filled in. Malchus is also emotionally reunited with a now-adult Briahna, leader of the White Ravens. It was decided that the group will gather the oppressed peoples of Theria to raise an army against Overwatch. During negotiations with Winterhaven, Malchus was forced to salvage discussions with Ian Serverus, the Lord of Winterhaven. Malchus blamed Ironhide for the dissolution of formalities, which brought the two allies to blows. The fight was quickly resolved and the group continued gathering allies.   During the events with the town of Aubrey and the vampire lord Edward, Malchus and Ironhide were once again at odds over Ironhide’s idea of gaining an ally of Edward, instead of killing him. Malchus, disgusted by Ironhide’s lack of action during the battle, left the cavern before resolution is had, to focus on getting his own vampire bite examined. As it was revealed that he had nothing to worry about, Malchus then shifted his attention once again to Ironhide’s actions and their plan with Edward. During a confrontation outside of Aubrey, Edward was slain by Thoril as Malchus, Rodswell, and Ironhide were discussing options and reasoning as to why certain actions were taken.   With the vampires slain, Father White agreed to help the army and the party moved onward to Donhurst, traveling through the small town of Durnhollow.   Racism flowed through most of the citizens and shortly the party found themselves fighting for their lives. They fought back the thugs, Malchus and Yenward Firestomp murdering their leader, Merle Richards. In the process, Drakonis set loose a fireball which burned down the brothel, crippling the towns income.   Once at Donhurst, they met with the mayor Andre Romero. The group made a deal to join forces with Donhurst and the Dwarves at Stonesunder to cripple the Orc forces allowing both cities to lend aid to the war effort. They were successful against the orcs and added the soldiers of Donhurst and the Dwarves to their numbers.   The army building took Malchus to Uman' Yiro and Or'Rash before returning him to Winterhaven where the war council convened, headed by Ian Serverus. Tensions ran high after Briahna told the group, now joined by the former Overwatch soldiers turned White Ravens. Ian, determined to not risk his own forces demanded everyone stay within the walls of the city, but the assembled leaders, spurred by Una and Malchus disagreed and most left for the gates. Ellanan Duskwalker approached Malchus in the hall and offered him a solution to the Warforged problem and Malchus accepted. He bided his time during the battle at the gates, slowly slipping away before activating a device which would soon kill almost all of the Warforged. Malchus disappeared from the field and was not found by his friends for some time.   When they did find him, it was disguised at Rocca Kinreaver, a researcher in Uman' Yiro. After explaining his actions, he was quickly accepted back into the group, if not totally forgiven by his friends.   The group, now less Thoril and Ironhide, both dead, headed back towards Brightport where Malchus would reunite with his mother. After a night of drinking, the group kidnapped a local at a bar and dragged him into the adventuring life. Malchus would bond with Theo, mostly over the dislike of Diana'sracism.   With Malchus still publicly hiding, he stayed in the background of the group which made its way to Aldmoor, Fairbay, Whitehedge and all the way back west to Winterhaven.   In Winterhaven, Malchus meets with the leadership who tell him to prepare for a trial, to clear his name and decide if his actions were justified. He is allowed to leave the city to gather people to speak on his behalf.   From there, the group now consisting of Aria, Teveen and Theo head toward Overwatch where Malchus learns how he is remembered. They speak to Liara who agrees to send word on his behalf.   The group finally go towards Esterholt where they meet with Vallus, Jadzia and Tessia in what would be a very tense family reunion. It is revealed that Malchus will become an uncle to twins so Jadzia and Vallus are unable to travel, but send Craig with Tessia to speak on their behalf.   Malchus and the group, along with the remnants of the White Ravens are sent to deal with an offshoot tribe of Orcs who are setting up a large camp very close to the city.   Malchus and Aria mount the most tense game of Therian Pictionary and the Orcs are persuaded to move to a better location to the southwest, further from the city. As they return to Winterhaven high on success, the party witnesses a large black dragon attacking the city and killing Amarah as she attempts to defend it.   Back in Winterhaven, as witnesses line up to speak of Malchus' character and deeds, he is found not guilty and no punishment is assessed.   Arc 2
Years later, we find that Malchus is now a ranking representative of Winterhaven along with Theo and Aria, now married.   Malchus is also known to have attended a play, written about his dealing with the Orcs called "Of Two Worlds". It was well received and a rousing success for Leeroy Garvey and his impromptu group of actors.   More recently, he was asked to travel to Esterholt for a meeting with Mayor Jadzia Grace, his sister Aralove, his brother Vallus and several others. They were asked to stop a local cult from resurrecting the dragon Straad who had been killed several years earlier in the city of Odysia.

Appearance and Personality

  Being a Tiefling, Malchus has a constant battle to be a better being than what people assume Tieflings are. As a result, he strides to do what he sees as right and good, to counteract the idea that Tieflings are demons by nature.   Malchus is very nurturing and protective over those he cares about. The main reasoning for his defense of Theria is because the people he cares about are at stake. He is willing to do whatever is needed to protect those he holds close. Good and evil have no meaning to him.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Knighted in Winter Haven during Episode 1
  • Completed the final round of the Tournament of Champions in Episode 4
  • Helped defeat Drock, 'The Voice of Pain' in Episode 15
  • Disappeared during the Battle of Winterhaven (Ep 61) and resurfaced fully in Episode 100
  • Found "Not Guilty" following his trial in Winterhaven for his actions taken during the battle against Overwatch in Episode 200
  • Helped thwart the Order of the Scale and their attempt to resurrect Straad

    Notable Kills

  • The Black Hand (Ep.7) - Gnome Mob Boss.
  • Virtually all Warforged with the help of a device given to him by Ellanan Duskwalker in Episode 61

    Critical History Checks

  • Possible hostilities between the Drow and followers of Kord (Episode 139)
  • Trial system in Winterhaven (Episode 175)


  • Malchus is a middle child
  • His mother, Tessia currently owns a shop in Brightport as well as running House Dragonkeep.
  • Malchus has a fondness towards gambling and alcoholic drinks, particularly martinis.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 1

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Knight of Winterhaven
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    Cape swish, walk away
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