Rodswell Joybottom

Human War Priest


Rodswell Joybottom, adopted father of Duncan Joybottom, joined the party with Yenward Firestomp, after the death of his son. Upon meeting the group and learning of his son’s fate, Rodswell took it upon himself to finish Duncan’s quest to find his biological father.   Rodswell filled a void desperately needed by the group by acting as their healer. He supported the group through many adventures, keeping them alive in some of the direst of circumstances. He was on hand during the signing of the treaty, skeptical of some of the terms, but agreed to go along with the party. He continued along with the party as they searched for Drock’s treasure.  
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Arc 1
After the battle with Drock, Rodswell took possession of the Orb of Light, the artifact with which Thoril was cleansed. A powerful, holy artifact, Rodswell soon learned that the Orb had a mind of its own. For the most part, Rodswell had the orb under control, with it enhancing his divine powers, while aware that it has the potential for more.   Rodswell continued to adventure with the group. When they came upon the White Ravens, a portal was revealed to the group. Rodswell tried to power the gate with the orb but to little effect. Further investigation into the gate was postponed in lieu of the group gathering the people of Theria against Overwatch.   The group’s journey led them to the small town of Aubrey. There, Rodswell found out that clerics and priests are held in high regard and that the town revered the same god as him. In order to get the clerics on their side, the group was tasked to eliminate a nest of vampires, which Rodswell is eager to do. However, during the battle, Ironhide decided to negotiate with Edward, the leader of the vampires. Rodswell was adamantly against this decision. Rodswell still held firm in his belief that the vampire deserved to die, which occurred by Thoril’s hands as they confronted Ironhide and Edward outside of Aubrey.   With the vampire issue dealt with, the clerics of Aubrey joined their cause and the group set their sights on Durnhollow.   When they arrived in the small one road town, the party was met with racism and slurs from everyone but the sheriff Ellis Arroway and the working girls in the Honest Harlot.   Shortly after, a fight erupted with some locals who attempted to hang Rodswell from the rafters. The fight went poorly for the thugs as Briahna arrived in town and was deputized along with Malchus Grimnas to sort it out while Drakonis, now Bloodrooted out of his mind let loose a fireball in the wooden building. The thugs were defeated, the towns source of income in flames and a shopkeeper robbed, putting the group back on the road.   After a lengthy discussion about group leadership and personal responsibility, Rodswell parted ways with the party.   What they did not know, was his destination. Rodswell rode for Overwatch, where the stability of law and order won out over his loyalty to the group.   Not long after he arrived and was brought in for questioning about his motives, he was given a choice: perform a resurrection to prove his loyalty, or wait in custody for King Carter to return to decide his fate. He chose to risk his life and return Fie to the world of the living, securing his safety in the city.   Security was short lived though, as Marcus and and Captain Tenbolt played a high stakes political game and Rodswell, Aralove, Marcus and Poe were forced into competing in the Tournament of Champions for their freedom.   Less than a month later, the city would be sacked by the very army Rodswell helped to gather. King Carter was killed and his former group, minus Malchus but including his son Duncan found him hiding.   Duncan revealed to Rodswell that he was alive again, somehow and the two (both played superbly by Dan) did some catching up. Rodswell revealed that he did everything he did out of fear and cowardice and that Duncan's mother was dead at the hands of his real father. Duncan ended Rodswell's chronic fears by plunging a dagger into his gut, killing him.

Appearance and Personality

  As a warpriest, Rodswell has a very specific sense of justice and humanity, which some might describe as slightly close-minded. He always pioneers for what is right in his eyes and what follows the laws of not only man but his god.   Further complicating things is the Orb of Light, which has caused great mental stress on Rodswell recently. The Orb is constantly battering Rodswell to cleanse the land and kill and when Rodswell does not acquiesce to its wishes, he encounters great pain, to the point of being comatose at times. The Orb also has shown the ability to overpower Rodswell and take control of his body.  
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Notable Moments

  • First appearance in Episode 7
  • Knighted in Winterhaven during Episode 10
  • Helped defeat Drock, 'The Voice of Pain' in Episode 15
  • Resurrected Fie Lar'va during Episode 43
  • Resurrected Aralove Grimnas during Episode 52
  • Killed by Duncan Joybottom during the fall of Overwatch. (Ep 92)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 7

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Knight of Winterhaven
    Aligned Organization
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