Black Hand, Overdale

Gnome Crime Boss


The Black Hand was the leader of organized crime in Overdale. He contacted the winners of the Tournament of Champions (via a dead rat nailed to their door), and offered them a significant sum of money to retrieve some rare and illegal spores from a cave beneath Overdale.
During the meeting, The Black Hand seemed very interested in Malchus Grimnas, and the two had a strange moment before the group accepted the contract, and left for the cave.   Show spoiler
In the cave, however, a member of their party, Duncan Joybottom, fell to his death, and the group returned without the spores. The Black Hand sent a couple of thugs to physically express his disappointment in the group. The two thugs were brutally murdered, however, and their hands were painted black and returned to him. The group then barged into the Black Hand’s headquarters, in a back room of The Warrens, a somewhat seedy bar, and explained why they had returned without the spores. The meeting turned sour and a fight broke out. The fight ended in the group killing the Black Hand’s men, and with Malchus slaughtering the unarmed and defenseless Black Hand.   The murder of The Black Hand and his men sparked the group to be exiled from Overdale.


Standing all of three and a half feet tall, dressed in a business suit of sorts, with wiry gray hair and glasses. He was inordinately fond of a greasy black top-hat, which he frequently wore.   The Black Hand was one of the biggest assholes of his race, the gnomes. Clever, ruthless, and devious, he exemplified all their nastiest behaviors of his kin.

First Appearance
Arc 1, Episode 6
Current Residence
Wiry Gray
Aligned Organization
Black Hand - Overdale