Edward Philippe Tharos

Human Noble


One of the oldest vampires in Theria, Edward was born over 300 years ago in the Kingdom of Solace. The son of a nobleman, Edward was a very well educated young man.   It is unknown exactly how Edward became a vampire. Some say it was after dealing with dark blood magic. Some say he was attacked by a rabid animal, transforming his somehow. Still others say he was cursed or diseased. All can agree, though, that Edward is one of the original vampires and had lived for many years.   Edward grew up around what is now known as Aubrey. After the revelation of his nature, Edward was forced out of town. Drawing upon his cunning and education, Edward was able to keep his presence safely hidden throughout the many years. Edward was capable of staying hidden in the nearby cave system.   It was here that Edward made his home and slowly built a following. He was able to keep his hunger under relative control but the same could not be said for his growing brood. Their nightly attacks on nearby Aubrey soon drew the attention of the town and a guard was assembled. In retaliation, the vampires burnt down the main chapel of town. This conflict continued for many years.  
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Eventually, Group 1 came across Aubrey during their quest to rally the people of Theria against Overwatch. In exchange for Aubrey’s help, the group had to root out the vampire nest. Unknown to the group, there was a vampire lord, Edward, in charge of the nest. The group fought through the many traps and trials on the way to Edward’s lair.   As the group rushed into the lair, a great battle ensued. Despite Ironhide erring on the side of diplomacy and not participating in the fight, the group wiped out the nest, leaving Edward alone against everyone.   Edward rallied against the adventurers, even biting Drakonis, before being forced to yield. Despite popluar opinion, Ironhide lobbied for Edward’s life, believing the vampire can be used in the battle against Overwatch. The group reluctantly agreed, sparing Edward’s life. After the majority of the group returned to Aubrey, Ironhide was left alone with Edward, where the vampire lobbied for his freedom. Instead, Ironhide tied a rug around the vampire, further humiliating the once might lord. Escorted out of the caves, Edward and Ironhide were confronted by Thoril and Rodswell outside of town. Upon hearing the constant arguments over what to do with Edward, the vampire took matters into his own hands. Knowing he did not stand much of a chance against the two, Edward broke free from Ironhide’s hold and lunged towards Rodswell. Upon seeing this, Thoril struck down the vampire, watching as the once great lord burned in the sunlight.


Being one of the oldest, if not the oldest, vampires, Edward was an incredibly crafty individual. He was never one to do the dirty work himself. Instead, he would manipulate others into doing his bidding, whether by choice or by force.   Being born of nobility, Edward managed to keep his aristocratic tendencies with him throughout the centuries. He was very keen on appearances and pride. Due to his vampirism, Edward was kept in the prime of his life, both physically and in appearance. There are some who would have even considered the vampire lord handsome.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 32
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