Vampirism in Theria is a disease which causes the affected to undergo a painful death and subsequent transformation.   After rising as a vampire, the being will have increased strength and speed and other powers as they grow older and more powerful.   They retain all of their previous skills and memories.   They will frequently depart from society and if they live long enough, may go mad from the isolation.

Transmission & Vectors

Vampirism is transferred through bites.   Not every vampire can create new spawns. Only vampires in the first few generations can pass on the disease.


Unhealing bite area, sensitivity to light and a growing blood lust all grow to a peak before the being dies, only to be reborn.


There is no treatment, aside from death before the turn.


Avoid vampires, if not possible, do not get bitten.


There are only a few vampires left who are old enough who might know the actual history but even that is unlikely.

Cultural Reception

Many vampires are shunned by society while some citizens actively hunt them.   More recently, one city, Aubrey has agreed to allow several vampires as residents in a test to see if they can be productive members of society.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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