Teveen Brightheart

Minotaur Shaman, follower of Melora


Most recently, Teveen was living among the Elves near Cal Cas helping to heal the injured who fought in the battle of Winterhaven before leaving to locate Yenward to get closer to her Minotaur roots.   Show Spoiler
Arc 1
Teveen joined the party at a time of flux. She was looking for King Yenward and found him near Fairbay, but shortly after the group left that town, Yenward, Sisun and Diana went their own ways.   She traveled with Malchus, Theo and Duncan for a short time before they met Aria and Amvin, who also joined them.   The group would travel to Winterhaven to help Malchus clear his name. After the trial, Teveen, Theo and Aria also split from the main group.   While Aria and Theo stayed in the city, we have not seen what became of Teveen after the judgement.

Appearance and Personality

  Standing at just over 7 feet tall, Teveen is covered with shaggy, sandy colored fur and has no horns to speak of. She wears cloth armor and during daylight hours is usually sporting a large straw hat.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Thinking quickly, saved Theo from nearly dying in Episode 183


  • Her companion animal is a large shaggy dog named Duke
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 134

    Current Location
    7 feet tall
    Aligned Organization
    Group 1