Ian Serverus

Human Noble


Ian Serverus was the Captain of the Guard of Overdale when Duncan Joybottom, Jarahk Ironhide, Malchus Grimnus, Thoril Songsteal and Trias Draverson met him. He ran the day to day goings on within the city and was responsible for the general order and saftey of Overdale’s citizens. He was considered a hero by the people of Overdale and was regarded with a lot of respect.  
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After the group moved to Overdale, Mayor Lucious Merridian started to give them more and more tasks and as such put them more in the spotlight. Ian hated this and saw the group as a threat to his Overdale legacy and status within the city. He began to purposely place the group in danger and try to take some of their thunder. When the Tournament of Champions took place in Overdale, Ian saw this as a perfect opportunity to out-class the group. He took a group of his finest guards and entered the competition. While the group of adventurers made it through all 4 stages of the tournament, Ian and his men were not so lucky. Ian’s men were all beaten by a group of orcs in the third round but Ian, while he did escape with his life, lost his hand.   Disgraced, he left Overdale and lost his position as Captain of the Guard.   17 YEARS LATER   Ian Serverus was revealed to be the current Lord of Winterhaven. His initial reaction to the group’s return was one of vast contempt, clenching his remaining fist at first sight of them.   After the awkward introduction, he revealed to the party that soon after his defeat in the Tournament of Champions he had gotten wind of the same Witch who dealt in Blood Magic. Meeting her, she gave him a scroll and instructed him to use it on Briahna. When he did so, the shadowy wolf monsters erupted from the scroll and began attacking her and her village, Auburn. At that moment he realized that the Witch only had bad intentions.   He traveled for a while after that and ended up in the small town of Aubrey. It was there that he met Talia Padraig and began his courtship of her. Years later he would marry her and move to Winterhaven. After the siege of the city and the death of Daniel Padraig, Ian would take his place as the new Lord of Winterhaven by Talia’s side.   When the Overwatch threatened was with Winterhaven again, 2 groups of adventurers joined the massive war effort to defend the soon to be sieged city.   After the Overwatch troops had been defeated, the adventurers, minus one Malchus Grimnas confronted Talia with the story of Ian killing Briahna's father and chasing her from the city years earlier. Talia would accept this story, calling for Ian to be taken into custody for a trial and being the coward he truly is, stabbed his wife in the back, killing her instantly.   Ian clashed with the group and as all 3 weapons of Kord thundered in the room, guards arrived but a quick thinking bit of diplomacy got them to stand down while the fight continued. In a last bit of defiance and an attempt to avoid punishment at the tips of Yenwards horns, Ian pulled Briahna in front of himself to use her as a shield against the rushing Minotaur.   Ian was killed by a blast from Jadzia and left to bleed out on the floor.  

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  • After the events in Episode 4, Tournament of Champions, Ian would not resurface until the end of Episode 17
  • Ian continued to be a thorn in Group 1's side until his death at the end of Episode 63 where he was finally killed by Jadzia. She captured his soul in her helm. His final outcome may yet to have been seen as she traded his soul, in addition to many others to regain her own in Episode 101.


Ian is a large and strapping man. He has shorter blonde hair and a barrel chest. He is an expert swordsman and took years to retrain himself with his left hand. He is arrogant and brash, often feeling as though he is not being paid the proper respect.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 3