Talia Padraig

Human Noble


Talia was born Talia Padraig. She was kidnapped by followers of Orcus when she was a teenager. Luckily, she was rescued by the adventures her father, Daniel Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, had hired: Trias Draverson, Duncan Joybottom, Thoril Songsteal, Malchus Grimnas and Jahrak Ironhide. Excluding Thoril and Trias, the group were knighted and rewarded after her rescue. She remained in Winterhaven while the group made a name for itself in Overdale. After fleeing Overdale, they returned to Winterhaven and to Talia. She and a newly-vampiric Thoril, spent an intimate evening together before the group set off for Drock's tomb.
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During the 17 year absence of her hero and his group, a lot of things happened in the wake of their treaty and subsequent disappearance. She met Ian Serverus, former Captain of the Guard of Overdale, as he recovered from his injuries in Aubrey and eventually came to Winterhaven, escaping his past in Overdale. Before long, the young Talia and Ian were married. Talia is now the proud mother of a baby boy: Nathaniel Serverus. Although he bears the name of his mother's husband, there is some rumor and speculation over whether or not he is truly Ian's son. (He is 17 years old now, no longer the bouncing baby boy, but a young man looking for adventure.)   Eventually, things took a darker turn. The longer the group was gone, the worse things became with Overdale, now known as Overwatch. During one terrible evening, she lost her father in the fight to defend Winterhaven from the Overwatch forces.   Talia has sworn to the group of heroes that, out of gratitude for having once saved her, when the time comes, Winterhaven will fight alongside them in the rebellion against Overwatch. She has made Ian swear as well much to his dismay.   As the war effort went on, Talia and Ian's relationship was tested more than a few times. After the siege was over and all of the heroes came back inside to regroup, they confronted Talia about Ian's cowardice in the battle and Briahna's insistence that he killed her father as well as Lord Padraig.   Talia finally agreed with the adventurers and moved to fetch the guards to arrest Ian but he had other ideas. He lost his mind in a frenzy of emotion as his control slipped from him and struck out with Kord's Gale, killing Talia instantly.


Being the Lady of Winterhaven, Talia is almost exclusively seen wearing formal attire befitting a noble woman. This typically has a somber, almost militant feel, with surcoats of midnight blue and silver, the colors of Winterhaven. She is tidy and well-kemt, her body still limber and strong with daily activity, and her tawny-blonde hair in tight coils behind her head. Although she has aged in the absence of her heroes, she has aged well and doesn't seemed to have gained half of those 17 years. Even with this stern exterior, Talia has a smile and a kind word for everyone. The people of Winterhaven were her father's people. They were all her surrogate siblings and extended family while growing up. Now, they were her people.   Talia has a hands-on approach to ruling Winterhaven, though she refers to her husband on most military matters. Despite her gentle nature and sweet voice, she makes sure her opinion is heard when discussions take place. Ultimately, her word is law in Winterhaven.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 1