Briahna Ebelmare

Human Psion


After the Tournament of Champions Group 1 began making their way to the Swamps of Yemgar in search of a Witch who could allegedly cure Thoril of his metamorphosis. Deep in the swamp after a fight they found Briahna. She was completely lost, separated from her family. They decided to bring Brie with them since time was of the essence for Thoril. For the sake of speed she was put onto Jarahk's shoulders. Briahna was completely fine with everything asked of her and even developed a friendship with Malchus. After one more encounter they made it to the Witch’s hut. She explained that the only way that she could cure Thoril was to sacrifice the blood of an innocent, suggesting that little Briahna in the next room would be used. The decision as mde to live with Thoril’s vampirism and spare the innocent girl. Brie was returned to her home village and the group were met with great hospitality, especially from Brie’s father, Martin.   Months later, Malchus and the group left Overdale indefinitely. On their way back to Winterhaven they encountered nightmarish shadow wolves who vanished in and out of existence. After defeating them they found Brie once more lying unconscious on the ground, having sustained small cuts and bruises all over her body.   They quickly returned back to her village, Martin even more in debt to them. He explained that Brie had been suffering from awful nightmares which had visibly gotten worse day by day. After a quick rest they brought Brie outside and a monstrous demon poured out of her. It conjured a shadow replica of Duncan, which neither Malchus nor Rodswell responded well to. In any case, they were able to vanquish the beast and the following day Brie made a vast recovery.  
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The group left Brie’s village the following day due to the Overdale crisis, but Malchus promised he would visit. They had formed a strong connection and Brie called him ‘Malchy’.   After a few months Brie and her family along with hundreds, possibly thousands, of displaced villagers traveled to Winterhaven after Overdale forced them from their homes. Brie immediately ran towards Malchus, embracing him like it had been years. The next morning, Malchus said goodbye to Brie again, explaining that they had to travel north to sort something out. He was talking about Drock's Tomb which they had been planning to find for many months, after winning The Book of Drock at the Tounament of Champions.   17 YEARS LATER   Group 1 commenced their plan to take down an Overwatch Warforged patrol to the east of Winterhaven, the party encountered a small ragtag team who were dispatched fairly quickly. Shortly after, they encountered Liara, the ex-vampire hunter, who led them to an inconspicuous cave. There they met Briahna, now with raven black hair draped over half of her face and a skinny figure. She merely said “Hi, Malchy” after knocking him prone with a blast of Psionic Energy. The White Ravens (led by Brie) and the group did some catching up and it almost turned violent. After Malchus and Briahna had a personal talk, that led to some tears being shed and a tender embrace, both groups appeared to be on the same page. The Ravens warned the group of an imminent attack on Winterhaven and both teams began forming a plan to stop The Overwatch in their tracks.   She blamed Ian, however, for ruining her life. Working with him directly seemed out of the question. It was later revealed that Ian had not only murdered Lord Padraig during the Siege of Winterhaven, but Brie's father, Martin, as well. When Briahna tried to tell people about what Ian had done, Ian used Brie's well known nightmares as a sign of mental illness and managed to convince almost everyone in Winterhaven that she was simply crazy.   The one person that would listen to Briahna was Talia. They had spoken about the incident on the evening of the siege but before anything could be done about it Ian intercepted Brie one night after a talk with Talia. Ian removed a torch from the wall and burned Brie's face with it. He then threatened her and she left the city that night.   Three years later, she was returning to Winterhaven. After a talk with Talia, it was decided that they would confront Ian together. Ian tried to lie his way out of the situation and almost succeeded. Talia finally saw through his web of lies and told him that "It was time the people of Winterhaven saw who you really are". Ian stabbed Talia through the back and killed her on the spot.   Group 1 and Group 3, alongside Brie, fought Ian tooth and nail. During the closing moments of the fight, Yenward lowered his horns and charged at Ian to deliver a finishing blow. Ian pulled Briahna toward him at the last second and placed her in Yenward's path. His massive horn slid clean through the girls abdomen, killing her almost instantly.   Following her death, Ian was quickly dispatched. Una and her group took Briahna's body to Esterholt where Una, Fie and Liara fought the Angel of Death for the right to resurrect her, which Una did.   Brie was briefly without her powers, the person responsible for her anger issues now being dead. Una filled that spot for a time, screaming at her and demeaning her for her uselessness. After her powers returned, Una's true feelings came out and the two became more than friends in a sometimes awkward relationship.   Things only got harder from there. After the dragon attacks on Esterholt, Una, Brie, Craig Mason and some paladins from the Temple of Kord chased Straad south to Odysia where Una and all of the paladins were killed. Briahna, in a blind fury, slew Straad and took Una's body back to Esterholt where she all but forced Julie to resurrect her.   Some time lat, after a trip back to the Witch in the Yemgar Swamp, being bitten several times by a werewolf outside of Lochfort and a self-imposed isolation, Brie again traveled with Una and the group to Ki'an. With the Blood Moon approaching, Group 2 and Group 3 reluctantly agreed to allow a psion to open the seal and release the gods from their imprisonment. Daegon had stepped up to power the ritual but at the last moment, Brie stepped up and took his place.   With Una at her side, Briahna poured all of her energy into the seal, destroying her mortal form and releasing the gods back into the realm.  

Important Dates and Achievements


Notable Kills

  • Fie Lar'va
  • Straad

Notable Moments

  • Briahna became the leader of the White Ravens after Trias' death
  • She killed Fie but was captured by the Overwatch in Episode 42
  • Escaped the Overwatch with little bloodshed with the help of Una and Fie in Episode 45
  • Nearly killed Una in a duel, but failed due to Una's unerring streak of luck
  • Helped kill the last known black dragon, Kealthorn in Episode 49
  • Fought in the Battle of Winterhaven against the Warforged in Episode 61
  • Helped take down Ian Serverus after he killed Talia, but died during the fight in Episode 63
  • Resurrected by Una in Episode 66
  • Regains her powers, lost with Ian's death in Episode 82
  • Fights the red dragon Straad along with Una, Craig and the Paladins of Kord in Episode 84 and kills the dragon in Episode 86
  • Rescued by Group 2 and kills Cecil in Episode 90
  • Forces Julie to resurrect Una on threat of death in Episode 91
  • Saves Group 4 from Udoben in Episode 105 and again from the werewolves in Lochfort in Episode 133
  • Helped kill the werewolves and the Alpha Werewolf/Haven in Episode 147
  • Briahna sacrifices herself to open the Seal, releasing the trapped Gods and possibly saving the world from a demon apocalypse in the process.


Briahna could be described as “frail” by some. To dismiss her by judging her stature, however, would be a huge mistake. She has been through a tremendous amount in her short lifetime and this has molded her into a somewhat hardened individual. She was born a psion, although she did not manifest those powers until much later in life. In part this could be blamed on Ian Serverus. It was he who would cast a spell on her early in her life that would help lead her to unlocking her true power.   She has the ability to blast objects with an intense wave of psionic energy. Briahna’s hands glow and pulsate and her pupils turn black. Her power comes at a price however. She has been plagued by nightmares since childhood and rarely gets peaceful rest. Her powers are also based on emotion, so she must try to constantly keep her self in check.
Briahna Ebelmare
by Thomas Randby
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 5
Long black hair, swept over the left side of her face