Daniel Padraig

Human, Mayor of Winterhaven


Lord Daniel Padraig was the Mayor of Winterhaven for over 15 years. His first interaction with Malchus and his group was to hire them to rescue his daughter, Talia who had been missing for a few days at that point and feared kidnapped.   He knighted most of them after their mission completion, but the ceremony was cut short when Norm, the group's 'tamed' drake was in fear for Thoril's life and bounded into the town to save him.  
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After a few months when the adventurers returned to Winterhaven after being chased from Overdale, Lord Padraig required their assistance once more from the threat of a Minotaur army who had planned to take over the land Winterhaven occupied.   Saving Winterhaven again, Lord Padraig was deeply indebted to them and finally completed the knighting of the entire group.   During the summit between the group and Carter, Padraig said next to nothing but made it clear that although he was their ally, he would not make war between Winterhaven and Overdale.   He is also not entirely supportive of the relationship that his daughter and Thoril are had, wearing a look of disdain whenever they are together; but at the same time accepting that love is love. Even if it’s a vampire’s love.   17 YEARS LATER   In the 17 years the group was absent, Lord Padraig met his end defending Winterhaven from Overwatch invaders. His body was buried in the crypt below Winterhaven Hall along with Duncan and other important individuals of Winterhaven.   It is learned later that Lord Padraig was murdered by Ian Serverus during the first siege on Winterhaven as a way to become the new Lord.


Daniel had an average build but seemed larger in person due to the confidence he projected. He has light blue eyes and long blonde hair.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 1