Martin Ebelmare

Human Father


Martin was married to a woman named Vallerie , and the couple had three children, Katey, Silvia, and Briahna. Briahna was the youngest, and shortly after her birth, Martin and Vallerie separated. Vallerie took Katey and Sil and went east, while Martin stayed in their village near Overdale to raise Briahna.   Briahna was a willful child, adventurous and often getting herself into trouble. One night, Briahna ran away, but was returned to Martin by a group of adventurers who had been passing through the swamps. They had defended his daughter from terrible swamp creatures and brought her back safely. Martin offered them the greatest generosity and all of his thanks. As the group left, the now-famous Dwarven bard, Duncan Joybottom, gave Martin a hefty amount of money, to help provide for Briahna.    
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Briahna began to have terrible nightmares, and several months after she ran away, Shadow Monsters attacked the village. Martin worked with the other villagers to defend their homes, but in the chaos, Briahna was lost. Martin rallied the villagers, and they set out to look for her.   Once again, the adventurers returned Brie, having found her, unconscious, bruised, and bloody in a clearing. Martin was overcome with gratitude, but also extremely worried for his daughter. He explained her nightmares, and how much worse they had become. The adventurers vowed to help, and discovered an evil curse on Briahna. They took her outside and manifested her nightmares in physical form, then killed it. The experience was very traumatic for Martin, but Brie seemed to recover very quickly after the ordeal.   The adventurers stayed to make sure she was recovering before they continued on their way. Rodswell Joybottom, Duncan’s father, happened to be traveling with the same group. He gifted Martin with even more money, in memory of his son who had passed away.   A few months later, Overdale guards rode down from the city and informed all the residents of Martin’s village that they would have to move into the city or leave the borders of Overdale’s influence. Martin decided to leave, and, like many other peasants, try his luck in Winterhaven. When he and Briahna arrived, they found the adventurers who had rescued her twice. The adventurers left shortly after their arrival, and Malchus promised to bring Bri back something from their travels.   Martin never saw them again.   He was killed during the Siege of Winterhaven by Ian Serverus.


Martin had longer black hair and a clean shaven face. He stood at only 5'11" and had a very slight belly. Normally wearing leather while hunting.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 5