Vallerie Ebelmare

Human Shopkeep


Vallerie had 3 daughters with her husband Martin. Shortly after the birth of their third child, Briahna, Vallerie left the logging village they called home taking their twin children with her. She raised Silvia and Katey by herself in Whitehedge until they were old enough to leave home and make their own way in the world.   She worked in the Succulent Pig until the owner of The Silver Mace died and left the shop to her.   Show spoiler

She appeared in only 2 episodes. First when Baranith and Vallus met her to deliver the bad news about Katey and Sil and later when Vallus returned to let her know that he found Briahna and had told her as well.

First appearance: Arc 1, Episode 38
Current Location
The Silver Mace
Current Residence