Trias Draverson

Human Cleric


Trias Draverson was a human cleric who traveled with Duncan, Malchus, Ironhide, and Thoril. He journeyed with them during their initial campaign, from the routing of a cult of Orcus to the tournament of champions in Overdale. Trias was one of the main reasons that the group migrated to Overdale, as he and Thoril moved there after a misunderstanding in Winterhaven caused their brief exile.   Show spoiler
Arc 1
Trias fought valiantly alongside his companions, relieving Overdale of a vampire nest as well as cleansing a well in the elven forest. He fought in the tournament of champions with group one, winning the event. However, during the tournament, it was discovered that some of the creatures the group fought were slaves, which bothered Trias greatly. The fact that he was slaying potentially innocent, sentient beings for the sport of others was too much for the cleric. He left the group after the tournament ended, seeking solace and prayer to find his path and come to terms with what he had done. During his travels, he finished the quest initially given to the group of mapping a keep close to Winterhaven.   While the group continued their adventures, dealing with Thoril’s vampirism and the Black Hand, Trias eventually returned to Overdale and decided to be their new captain of the guard, replacing the missing Ian Serverus and trying to enact change from inside the city. Trias joined Zannon Carter during the journey to Winterhaven during the signing of the treaty. This is his first, and final, interaction with the group since they split ways.   After the group journeyed north, Trias continued to live in Overdale, soon entering into a relationship with Liara, a vampire hunter hired by Carter. Despite his high position in Overdale, Trias could not prevent the purge and torture of all non-humans. Disgusted by the actions of the mayor, a man of the cloth, no less, Trias left the city. He was joined soon afterwards by Liara and Briahna.   After Trias left Overdale, he created a group called the White Ravens. The purpose of this group was to gather information and create a small resistance against Overdale’s Warforged army. Another main focus of the group was rescuing peoples oppressed by Overdale, now Overwatch, slowly bolstering their ranks. Trias served as their commander until the time of his death, which he was then succeeded by Briahna.

Appearance and Personality

  Trias was a middle-aged cleric. As such, he was deeply rooted in his beliefs and philosophies. He would go against these beliefs in dire circumstances, but not without repercussions. A proponent of good, Trias always strove to find middle-ground between warring parties to prevent any harsh feelings or negative results.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Left Group 1 after the Tournament of Champions (Ep. 4)
  • Returned to see his former party as the Captain of the Guard in Overdale in Episode 10
  • Founded the White Ravens after becoming disenfranchised with the happenings in Overwatch.
  • Died in an ambush sometime near the end of the Bleak 10

    Notable Kills

  • Tainted Bear (Ep.3)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 1

    Aligned Organization
    Group 1