Zannon Carter

Human Cleric


Zannon is a life long man of the cloth. He was the religious head of the city of Overdale for years until the untimely demise of Lucious Merridian the former mayor. At that point, Zannon became the interim mayor of Overdale. After a time, he declared that he would not be stepping down and became the full time mayor.
  Zannon is a xenophobic man by nature but was reserved about it for most of his life. After taking control of Overdale however he began to look at the group living there as a threat to the cities safety. Thoril and Malchus in particular were sticking points for Zannon, having a deep seeded hatred for both Vampires and Tieflings.
  Eventually after a near death experience with Thoril, the group fled town and Overdale took up pursuit of them. Zannon even went so far as to bring in Liara, a vampire hunter for protection and Trias as the new captain of the Overdale guard.
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After the group ventured back to Winterhaven, it was decided that they would hold a summit meeting there between Overdale and Winterhaven and a treaty was signed. As a result the group could no longer go south to Overdale and Overdale would no longer pursue any member of the group.
  17 YEARS LATER   Less than a few months after the summit in Winterhaven, Carter had forced settlements within the jurisdiction of Overdale out of the area -this included Briahna’s village.
  He had the forests surrounding Overdale cut down so that anyone could be sighted from miles away. As the months went by, Carter became increasingly paranoid and closed almost all communications with the outside world, not allowing anyone to pass through the gates of Overdale. Overdale became Overwatch, the name changed because Carter wanted everyone to know that he was always vigilant.
  No more than a few years later after still no one had broken the treaty, Carter contacted powerful Mages and instructed them to create an army of obedient super-soldiers. Monstrous Titan Warforged were developed along with smaller, man-sized foot soldiers. They began patrolling outside of Overwatch’s allowed area, but their army was too strong to be repelled by the surrounding armies. Winterhaven was sieged, there were many casualties including Lord Padraig.
  Eventually the event he had been preparing for happened and the group he had been waiting for returned. They gathered an army and brought the war to Overwatch and his throne room.
  After a hard fought battle, King Carter was killed by Yenward Firestomp and thrown from his high tower window.


A thin, bald man. Carter has the quite dignity of a strict and pious man. He carries himself with reserve and rarely raises his voice. He is an average height, standing at about 6 foot even and would be considered frail by most peoples accounts.

First Appearance Arc 1, Episode 5
Divine Classification