Thoril Songsteal

Human Scout


Thoril Songsteal, human ranger Scout, is one of the founding members of group one. He has been on hand for all of the group’s adventures, and is part of the reason of the current state of things.   Initially, Thoril was a steadfast member of group one, rescuing Talia Padraig and stopping a cult of Orcus. However, due to a misunderstanding, Thoril and Trias had to leave Winterhaven and moved to Overdale. It was during a mission to clean out a nest of vampires under the city that Thoril’s life changed forever. While battling the vampires, Thoril was bitten by the vampire lord, starting his transformation to become a vampire himself.  
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Arc 1
Weeks later, Thoril forwent treatment and became a full-fledged vampire. During this time, he became more sullen and moody and had great bloodlust. During a meeting with the defacto Overdale mayor, Zannon Carter, Thoril’s bloodlust took control and he lunged towards Carter after Carter accidentally pricked his finger and started bleeding. Carter saw this as an attempt on his life and banished the group from Overdale and branded them outlaws, sending the group back to Winterhaven. During their return to the town, Thoril was reunited with Talia Padraig, with whom he had a one-night stand.   After the treaty was signed, the group ventured forth to Drock's Tomb, where they encountered the great warrior himself. During the battle, Drock unleashed the Orb of Light, blasting the party with powerful holy energy. This energy, instead of killing Thoril, cleansed him of his vampirism and returned him fully to human form.   After killing Drock, the group returned south, only to find that seventeen years had passed. The group journeyed to Winterhaven and learned what had transpired in the time lapse, but also met Nathaniel,Talia and Ian's son, though it is implied that he may be Thoril’s instead.   The group’s journey led them to the small town of Aubrey. In order to get the clerics on their side, the group was tasked to eliminate a nest of vampires. Once the party found the vampire lair, a long battle and a longer argument about killing or recruiting them ensued. Eventually, the main vampire, Edward, was killed by Thoril.   With the vampire issue dealt with, the clerics of Aubrey joined their cause and the group set their sights on Durnhollow.   When they arrived in the small one road town, the party was met with racism and slurs from everyone but the sheriff Ellis Arroway and the working girls in the Honest Harlot. Shortly after, a fight erupted with some locals who attempted to hang Rodswell from the rafters. The fight went poorly for the thugs as Briahna arrived in town and was deputized along with Malchus to sort it out while Drakonis, now Bloodrooted out of his mind let loose a fireball in the wooden building. Thoril, for his part, spent the entirety of the town visit with a prostitute named Eva and escaped the debacle without a scratch, or so he thought.   The thugs were defeated, the towns source of income in flames and a shopkeeper robbed, putting the group back on the road.   Thoril continued with the group, traveling to Donhurst, Stonesunder, Or'Rash and Uman' Yiro. They returned to Winterhaven and summoned the army, where they began to mount an offensive against the Overwatch.   The battle seemed to be going poorly when Thoril noticed the Dragonborn leader about to blow a horn to call in the red dragon Straad. He weighed their options and in a decision that would resonate for years to come, gave Karrik "the nod" approving of the summoning.   Straad responded and laid waste to the forest, the city and the gathered armies without care for which side was which. The Elves and their leader, Brettana Moonshadow took great offense to the forest being burned above all. Karrik was executed and Thoril nearly talked his way into survival when Ironhide, now in a half-Orc body rode in. He blamed Thoril for the state of things and plunged his sword through Thoril's back, killing him instantly.   Arc 2
It is revealed that Thoril's remains were gathered from the forest where he was killed and laid to rest in a place of honor near Cal Cas, the Elven tree in the Evergreen.   It also appears that Thoril's lineage may live on as well, as Eva appeared near the end of Arc 1 with a baby bump that may be the result of her time spent with the mighty ranger.

Appearance and Personality

  Thoril, seen as apathetic to some, is one of the more reserved members of the group. However, he has shown great loyalty to not only the group, but what he believes is right and will do what he can to stand for that belief. One instance was when he willingly let himself become a vampire in order to save the life of a young Briahna.   As a vampire, Thoril was even more reserved that usual. He hid himself under cloaks at all times, rarely interacting with members of the group. He also became much paler and dyed his hair white, adding black streaks as a sign of mourning.   Despite his usual detached demeanor, Thoril can be spurred into action, especially during battle. Ever the warrior, Thoril is one of the first to delve into a fray, wreaking destruction upon his enemies with his two axes.   Due to his recent bout with vampirism, Thoril has a vendetta against the undead creatures, not trusting and wanting nothing to do with them. During recent events with Edward Tharos, Thoril wanted nothing to do with the negotiations with the vampire, voting to slay the creature instead.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Completed the final round of the Tournament of Champions in Episode 4
  • Knighted in Winterhaven during Episode 10
  • Helped defeat Drock, 'The Voice of Pain' in Episode 15
  • Murdered by Ironhide in Episode 75

    Notable Kills

  • Irontooth (Ep 1) - Leader of Kobold cultists
  • Kalorel (Ep 1) - Blood Mage performing ritual
  • Rayling Graystark (Ep.2) - Leader of small Vampire Clan.
  • Dark Duncan& Brie’s Nightmare (Ep.8)
  • Drock (Ep.15) - Barbarian hidden away in his tomb up north.
  • Edward Phillipe Thoros (Ep. 32)


  • Thoril befriended a drake (Norm), though it has yet to be seen since he initially left Winterhaven.
  • First character to ever roll a negative number on a saving roll (This happened twice in a row)
  • Though many jokes have been made about Thoril's ranged basic attack, he scored a crit in Episode 1 with his bow and his final record is 2 hits and 7 misses
  • Thoril may be the only person in Theria to have actually died 3 times. Once when he turned from living soul to vampire, once by Drock and the Orb of Light and his final death at the hands of Ironhide.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 1

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