Jarahk Ironhide

Warforged Sword Mage


Jarahk Ironhide, Warforged Swordmage, is a founding member of Group 1. Born from arcane magics, Ironhide struck out with the group for a life of adventure. He has been a steadfast member of the group, standing alongside them against vampires, cultists, and even each other.   After the group saved Talia Padraig, Ironhide was one of the few who stayed in Winterhaven as a knight. As the group grew restless, they all rejoined Thoril and Trias in Overdale.  
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Arc 1
After some success in Overdale, Ironhide soon started to question the powers-that-be in the town, talking about having either an open election to oust interim-mayor Carter, or stage a coup. However, due to events with Thoril and Carter unfolding, the group was forced to flee from the town. Ironhide wanted to stay and fight for their honor but was overruled and went along with the group.   As the group met in Winterhaven for the treaty with Overdale, Ironhide supported more aggressive terms, not wanting to cede any ground for what he saw as no apparent reason. After Malchus agrees to the terms that the group will never venture south to Overdale again, Ironhide once again went with the group for the sake of solidarity, albeit begrudgingly.   The group continued on, searching for and defeating the barbarian Drock. The group exited the tomb and went to a nearby town to recuperate. Upon entering the town, Ironhide was assaulted and shown scorn by many of the townsfolk. They soon learn that they are seventeen years in the future and that Carter created an army of Warforged, terrorizing the western part of Theria.   After reuniting with Talia Padraig and Ian Serverus, now Lady and Lord of Winterhaven, the group learned more of what happened in their absence. The group then met with the White Ravens and Briahna, where it is decided they were to raise an army against Carter and Overwatch, starting with Winterhaven. After once again meeting in Winterhaven, Ironhide and Malchus came to blows over how things were handled. The battle was resolved and the group continued gathering allies for the war.   In order to get one town, Aubrey, on their side, the group was tasked with eliminating a nest of vampires nearby. Though many in the group wanted to eradicate the vampires, Ironhide saw the opportunity to gain even more allies, much to the consternation of his group. Ironhide pursued his idea, though, and after much debate, the vampire lord was spared to be put on trial. However, before that could occur, Edward was slain by Thoril, ending the argument between Ironhide and his companions   With the clerics signed on to the army, the group moved towards Durnhollow. When the racists of the town lashed out at the party, they fought back hard. The leader of the thugs was murdered after being set on fire, the brothel burned down (accidentally? by Drakonis) and then both Drakonis and Ironhide threatened and robbed a shopkeep, forcing her to flee town for her own safety.   On the way toward Donhurst, Ironhide came clean to the group about his robbery and asked anyone else to confess to things they had done and proclaimed the group needed to share leadership as one person pushing it's direction wasn't working.   None of those things worked however, as Ironhide immediately tried to negotiate with Andre Romero on Donhurst on the party's behalf. Ironhide managed to threaten virtually everyone on the army building tour, from the Archmage in Uman' Yiro to the new leader of the Dragonborn to Ian Serverus upon their return to WInterhaven.   During the battle at Winterhaven, Malchus used a device that killed a high percentage of all Warforged but Ironhide narrowly avoided being killed outright. Jadzia inspected the rusty plague now affecting him and gave him about a week to live.   After the Overwatch was defeated at the doorstep of Winterhaven, allied groups confronted Ian and killed him after he admitted to murder and killing Talia. Ironhide left with Jadzia, Una and Fie who took Briahna's corpse towards Esterholt. After dealing with Briahna's death, Ironhide waited for the party to sort their problems out and waited for his turn to be helped.   Jadzia searched the books in the house and found a possible way to transfer Ironhide's soul into another body. It would require a freshly dead corpse, and then Jadzia would need to kill Ironhide and trap his soul in the Helm of Seven Deaths.   The ritual was a success after Craig had a half-Orc body delivered to the house. With his soul in a squishy new body, Ironhide snuck out without so much as a goodbye and made his way toward Overwatch.   When he arrived, Straad was laying waste to the battlefield and he found the group along with the leader of the Elves about to execute Thoril. Ironhide instead stabbed Thoril through the back, claiming that it was he who caused so many problems along their journey. This logic flaw would be Jarahk's undoing. Yenward promised he would be dealt with as soon as Carter was done. After the group fought and killed King Carter, Yenward made good on his promise and threw Ironhide from the high throne room window of the Kings Tower.

Appearance and Personality

  Ironhide wants to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, no matter what the cost. He is a straight shooter, no holds barred. He would rather ruffle a few feathers if it means doing what needs to be done.   Ironhide is also a very prideful creature. He will not back down from a fight and will challenge those who he thinks are trying to undermine him. He also has little tolerance for people who assume they have more power than they actually do.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Knighted in Winterhaven during Episode 1
  • Completed the final round of the Tournament of Champions in Episode 4
  • Helped defeat Drock, 'The Voice of Pain' in Episode 15
  • Killed by Jadzia Grace in an attempt to put his soul in another body (Ep 74). This was done successfully and he inhabited the body of a Half-Orc named Nyark for a short time.
  • Helped defeat King Zannon Carter in Episode 81
  • Killed by Yenward and thrown from Castle Overwatch for murdering Thoril. (Ep 92)

    Notable Kills

  • Purple Worm (Ep.4) - Final competitor in Tournament of Champions.
  • Thoril Songsteal. (Ep 75)

    Critical History Checks

  • Drock's book (Episode 5)
  • Edward Phillipe Tharos (Episode 32)


  • Jarahk was supposedly on a mission to find his kids. He may have eaten them, or it might have just been toasters. He is not sure which.
  • Jarahk has a deep-seeded mistrust of all magic users.
  • Jarahk has no need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep.
  • During Mailbag 8. the question is asked "what is something your character would not do?" and the answer "stab a friend in the back"
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 1

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Knight of Winterhaven
    Aligned Organization