Tessia Grimnas

Tiefling Shopkeeper


The woman who birthed one of the most hated tieflings in the world, Tessia Grimnus would do it all the same if she had a chance. The matriarch of the Grimnus household, Tessia was counter to all of what tieflings are believed to be. For starters, her kind demeanor would startle anyone who met her with any perceptions of what a tiefling 'should' be. And for a woman who had gone through so much, keeping a kind heart through it all would not be an easy feat.   Tessia Grimnus once had a happy family. Three children, a set of twins and a young daughter, and a thriving business in Brightport. It wasn't a perfect life, they lived on dangerous streets and didn't have an abundance of funds, but Tessia was filled with hope. At some point during her son's childhood, however, her husband left and did not return. She was left alone, a tiefling woman in Brightport with three young mouths to feed. While there are a few options for a woman in Brightport to make money through unscrupulous means, Tessia wanted to hold her head high as a businesswoman.   After her business started to fail, Tessia had to make a deal with Graddik the Wanted to keep afloat. She seemed to be a unlikely but easy target for the unprincipled man. However, he never seemed to get the drop on the tiefling woman if that had been his goal, and she was able to keep her children fed through legal means.   As her babes grew they all seemed to drift away from their mother. It started with Malchus. Her son had a thirst for adventure and a dream to break away from the dirty streets of Brightport. Tessia never faulted him for this, though when rumors spread that a Grimnus had caused a war a continent away, she wished she had tried to stop him. Soon, she could do nothing but watch as her other two children had to suffer for the sins of their brother.   Though her shop stayed afloat, the family was by no means rich, and soon her son Vallus had to take to taking odd jobs to help them afford to live. Tessia knew the type of work her son took, but she pretended to turn a blind eye to the illegal nature, and only tried to protect and care for him when he came home with new scars, begging him to be more careful next time. Until one day, he did not return either. Tessia tried to hold on to the dream that he was safe. But at least she still had Aralove... For a time. The most sheltered and smallest of the Grimnus children was always protected by the rest of her family, but Tessia could not keep her locked in a gilded tower for long. Aralove wanted to find her brother, Malchus. She grew up with stories, and she was bitter. Tessia tried to keep her, but soon she left as well.   Alone with her shop being her only sense of purpose, Tessia prayed for all of her children every day. She held her head high, but inside she was crumbling. There was no sign that showed her that hope was even possible. Until one day, Vallus' large shadow filled her shop once more. She ran to him, hugged him, mothered over his wounds and told his friends that her home was theirs. Sooner than she'd like, things returned to normal and she watched Vallus walk into a dangerous situation again.   Vallus was successful this time, as he often was. He and his friends did not just find a cure (though not in time to save their ailing comrade), but they took over the House Darksbane entirely. Tessia could hardly believe it when they told her, and her heart nearly crumbled when they asked her to head the house in their stead.  
Show spoiler
Tessia proved to be a competent matriarch, running the house with little help. When Malchus came to her one day, she told him that she had the means to protect him now. Perhaps to make up for the times she could not. However, Malchus turned her offers aside and refused her. He left soon after, and Tessia was alone once more.   Over time, Tessia would see Malchus, Aralove and Vallus again as well as helping every wayward group of adventurers her children traveled with.   The last we know of her actions in Arc 1, Tessia travels with Amarah to Winterhaven to speak on behalf of Malchus. Amarah is killed during the time of the trial but Tessia survived, as she always seems to do.   Arc 2
It is known that Tessia survived an assassination attempt by the Black Hand, resulting from Aralove and her groups betrayal, but she, along with Aralove still reside at House Dragonkeep.


Tessia was always there for her children, and circumstances made her strong. Beautiful though touched by age, the wear and tear of a tough life show on her features. Black hair kissed with a few graying spots in the front, wrinkles appearing on the edges of her thin red lips and golden eyes. Her beauty and love shines through. She is short for tiefling, which attributes to the height discrepancy between her twin boys, and also makes it quite comical when she would scold or care for her vastly taller son.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 25
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