Ancient Red Dragon


The most fearsome Red Dragon in all of Theria, those that even knew of his name knew to fear Straad.   Raised in the Hazaan Mountains, Straad was raised with only one rule for survival: be the strongest. This, he accomplished very readily. Straad is one of the oldest existing red dragons, which alone is a testament to his power.   With his great power, Straad became a feared name throughout Theria. Even the Dragonborn, with their innate abilities, could not control the monstrous creature. After years of battle and terrorizing Or’ash, a treaty was made between the Dragonborn leader and Straad. The leader of the Dragonborn would be given an enchanted horn of summoning. Upon hearing the horn, Straad would fly to the wielder’s side, battling whoever may be nearby. In recompense, Straad is allowed to fly around Theria, unhindered, for a year.   For centuries, the horn was passed down in Or’Rash without the need to ever sound it and summon the deadly dragon. However, during the Battle of White Wolf Valley, the Dragonborn currently in possession of the horn, Karrik, deemed the battle unwinnable and sounded the horn. Soon, a dark shadow eclipsed the valley, signaling the arrival of Straad…  
Show spoiler
Straad attacked the city of Overwatch with force but was soon repelled by arrow and ballista fire. He flew east and landed near Esterholt to remove the projectiles and then made his way south to Odysia to rest briefly. He was followed by Una, Briahna, Craig Mason and some paladins from the Temple of Kord in Esterholt who engaged him once they reached Odysia (Episode 84).   Una and all 14 paladins were killed in the battle and Craig was knocked clear of the city by Straad and saved by members of Group 2 (in Episode 96). After Una died, Briahna stomped towards Straad for a final confrontation. The battle raged between the two and destroyed even more of the city but after Straad snapped Briahna into his mouth, she blasted him from the inside out of desperation, killing the dragon in the street. (Episode 88)


The most iconic of all dragons, Straad holds all the typical traits of red dragons, just to a larger scale. With his behemoth frame, Straad can partially block out the sun, causing darkness to descend upon his chosen battlefield. His wings cause mighty gusts when used. He can spew fire, either as a steam or in short bursts. His claws can rip through even the strongest of armors. All these things, and more, constitute Straad’s mighty arsenal, and he knows and likes to use them all. Ever the warrior, he relishes the times when he is able to roam free and uses the full year to wreak havoc upon the world.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 75