Human Barbarian


Drock was born in the western portion of Theria. At the time the countryside was being ravaged by the great war between the kingdoms of Rancer and Solus. The Solus armies swept into Drock's small village when he was a child and destroyed it. Burning the buildings and slaughtering everyone there except the children, which were used for slave labor or were trained for combat later in life. Over the years as a slave, Drock’s anger was channeled into combat and soon he would rise through the ranks and become one of Solus’ greatest generals.   Show spoiler
He eventually grew weary of being used for combat though and eventually withdrew from not only combat but from the world as a whole. He took himself and his men as far north as possible and built himself a tomb that would be his final resting place. Never wanting to see someone else gain the power for destruction that he had, Drock used the power of the Orb of Light and his Time Displacement crystal to stave off, not only death, but ageing for decade upon decade.   Drock was a prideful man however, and he left behind a book that would lead a hearty enough adventurer to his final resting place if the proved stout enough. Eventually a group did manage to get to the tomb and was given a choice. Stay forever imprisoned in the tomb or die trying to escape.   Drock was finally slain after a long and pitched battle where Malchus nearly died and Thoril was killed and then brought back to life by the Orb of Light. Thoril, renewed and back to his old human form, brutalized Drock with the frenzy of attacks he was so well known for.


With fiery red hair and wild beard, this giant of a man was a frightening presence on any battlefield. Wielding the mighty battle axe Stormrender and his trademark war cry, many men met their end by his hand.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 15
Current Location
Drock's Tomb
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