Dragonborn Fire Mage


Drakonis found his way into group 1 while being led to Overdale in chains. He was being taken in for “questioning” by the Overdale guard and was freed by the party shortly after. He has been a loyal member of the team ever since.   Little is known about Drakonis’ past, though it would appear that he may have taken a life that he may regret. He also may or may not have some sort of drug habit. He was seen purchasing a brown sack full of an unknown substance. When questioned about it he became nervous and defensive. The party eventually dropped it. He also appears to be quite ill. He has fallen to his knees and coughed so violently that he has produced blood on a few occasions.  
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Arc 1
After being bitten by the vampire Edward, Drakonis’ illness flared up again. While before, grapes would stave off the effects, they had no effect this time. Drakonis was forced to reveal to the party that he needed a substance called Bloodroot to help him recover, which is what he clandestinely purchased beforehand. If he does not receive treatment, Drakonis could perish.   When the group arrived in Durnhollow, Drakonis found a local shopkeeper with a supply and supplier of Bloodroot. However, after he got his fix, he "assisted" his party in a fight against some slavers and burned down the towns brothel and they needed to make a hasty exit. On the way out of town, Drakonis and Ironhide went back to the shop, threatened the source of the Bloodroot from the woman and robbed her of hundreds of gold pieces worth of potions. She later fled the town fearing they would return.   The group traveled to Donhurst and Stonesunder, who both joined them in crippling the local Orcs and then agreeing to send forces to join the army.   After that, the party made their way to Or'Rash, the Dragonborn city. Drakonis fought the whole way to avoid the city, eventually needing to tell them why. He had been banished from Or'rash for his Bloodroot addiction which they saw as weakness.   In the city, after a badly negotiated plan, Drakonis found himself in a one on one duel with the Dragonborn leader Hesskin, who was responsible for his banishment and the slaughter of his family. The fight went poorly and Drakonis was knocked unconscious. As Hesskin was about to finish him, Yenward threw Stormrender at Hesskin, killing him.   With Dragonborn surrounding them, the party made a deal with Karrik, Hesskin's second, to assist them in the war against the Overwatch, completing the allied army.   On the way back to Winterhaven, Drakonis disappeared but resurfaced as the war party was leaving for Overwatch. Drakonis fought through the siege and helped kill King Carter. He disappeared again shortly after.   A month later, he reappeared with a different group including his aunt, Kava. They were hired to recover an artifact near Odysia, which they did. After selling the item, Drakonis would once again disappear from the world.

Appearance and Personality

  Drakonis is rather large for a Dragonborn, he stands at 7'2" and weights 278lbs. His hide is of a reddish orange hue and he has somewhat of an arch in his back that leaves him walking with a hunch. Being 73 years old Drakonis has some wear and tear on him that shows. His face is of wrinkles and his left knee has been injured many years ago and has yet to heal properly.   Blunt, bold, loyal, courageous, and wise are the best ways to describe Drakonis, he has lived through a lot and seen even more so he knows just how dangerous a scenario can get and can keep a level head in the moment. When it comes down to it Drakonis has somewhat of a short temper and when faced with controversy he will not hesitate to lash out and speak his mind on the matter, though when lying he isn't the best at hiding it. He is also very loyal, if someone has reached out and made an effort to help him in anyway Drakonis will do everything in his power to assist that person.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Knighted in Winter Haven in Episode 10
  • Helped defeat Drock, 'The Voice of Pain' in Episode 15
  • Helped defeat King Zannon Carter in Episode 81
  • Drakonis went MIA following the events in Episode 100 but finally resurfaced in Episode 178

    Notable Kills

  • Telros Darkhoof (Ep.9) - Cult leader of a Minotaur clan
  • Sekal Loreweaver (Ep 98)

    Critical History Checks

  • Durnhollow (Episode 36)


  • Hates children
  • Must take Blood Root to survive
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 9

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Knight of Winterhaven
    7'2" or 6'0" when hunched over
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations