Dragonborn Fighter


Karrik was King Hesskin’s right hand man when Group 1 entered Or’Rash. After Hesskin was killed, Karrik was infuriated and immediately went to confront Yenward for breaking the rules of the duel and assassinating their leader. Yenward attempted to explain but Karrik was unimpressed, and was on the verge of attacking the group before Drakonis stepped in and explained his past and what Hesskin had done to his family.  
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Surprisingly, Karrik seemed quite remorseful about hearing this. He explained that they were honor-bound to follow Hesskin and Drakonis’ family should not have been killed. Karrik apologized on Hesskin’s behalf and seemed to calm down, turning to Malchus and asking what should be done about the problems the group had caused.   Malchus suggested that since Drakonis had gotten his revenge he would not come back if allowed to leave. As the rest of the city was filled with dragonborn itching for a fight Karrik was hesitant but as he was next in line he had the authority to hold them, especially with an upcoming fight with the Overwatch to serve as a distraction.   During the Battle of White Wolf Valley, as the allied forces were being pushed around the battlefield Karrik decided it was time. He pulled the horn of summoning from his belt and with a slight nod of acceptance from Thoril, he blew the horn and within minutes, Straad was upon them. The dragon laid waste to friend and foe alike and within a brief respite, the Elves, led by Brettanna Moonshadow took great offense to the dragon currently burning down their forest and murdered Karrik on the spot.  

Important Dates and Achievements

Notable Moments

  • He summoned Straad after getting 'the nod' from Thoril when he felt the army was losing the battle in White Wolf Valley. Episode 73
  • He was subsequently killed by Brettana and her elite Elves in Episode 75. Thoril would have also died this way had Ironhide not murdered him first.


Karrik is a prime example of a Dragonborn, highly valuing honor and strength. He is prideful but is also reasonable and much more willing to compromise than his predecessor, even asking the opinions of another race and listening to Group 1’s suggestions when a difficult situation arose.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 53