Telros Darkhoof

Minotaur Cult Leader


Telros Darkhoof was the younger brother of Larris Darkhoof, of the Darkhoof Minotaur Clan in Thunderspire. After a disagreement with the leadership in Thunderspire, he broke off from the main hoard and led the cult of Baphomet; the demon lord of rage and destruction. The cult stationed their camp on the edges of WinterHaven’s forest, and began planning to invade and take back what they thought was their rightful land. Lariss, though not very happy with his brother’s choice, refused to take up arms against his own flesh and blood unless absolutely necessary.   Realizing the tenuous truce between Winterhaven and Thunderspire was not enough to secure Winterhaven’s safety, Lord Padraig of Winterhaven contracted a group of knights and adventurers. He tasked them with eliminating the threat Baphomet posed to the city of Winterhaven and it’s surrounding settlements.   Show spoiler
The group decided the best way to maintain the safety of Winterhaven was to kill Telros. They approached the cult leader and got him alone with a cunning ruse involving a Minotaur called Yenward Firestomp and his companion, Rodswell Joybottom. After a bloody and vicious fight, Telros was finally brought down by Drakonis, the most recent member of the party.   Telros had been the driving force behind the cult. His death heralded the end of the cult, which dispersed shortly after they found their leader dead.


Telros Darkhoof is a mad dog to say the least. Even the craziest Minotaurs from Thunderspire don't buy into the unrealistic principles of the Baphomet cult. Telros really believed that the Minotaurs owned all of Theria and he planned on taking it back bit by bit.   Telros defined the meaning of an alpha male. If his dominating personality wasn't enough, it was the fact that he was much larger than most Minotaurs. But that wasn't the only reason he was able to use his talents to lead a Minotaur cult. He manipulated most of his followers, promising them land and other luxuries. The rest just followed Telros as they thought of him as a strong and determined leader.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 9