Sekal Loreweaver

Human Archmage


Loreweaver was an Archmage in Uman' Yiro many years ago. he was one of the mages who helped construct the Warforged who were used to guard the city. After the city was lifted into the sky and the Warforged evicted to find their own way in the world, Loreweaver and Emon Thermack were banished from the city as punishment for their part in creating the Warforged.     While Thermack went to Brightport to found House Darksbane, Loreweaver was contracted by self-proclaimed "King" Zannon Carter to travel to Overwatch and help build a new army of Warforged, this time with their free will removed. With the new army creation on auto-pilot, Loreweaver set his eyes on two new projects: the elimination of all non-human life in Theria and manipulating the shape-changing powers of Changlings to use as assassins. When war came to Overwatch, Loreweaver escaped and both of the projects were uncovered by the liberators. Changlings were used by Carter as a last line of defense before he was killed and the non-human plague was transported to Uman' Yiro to be destroyed but its final fate is unknown.   Loreweaver however, was tracked and eventually killed by the members of Group 1, losing Hondo in the process.  


An older man, wearing red and gold robes patterned to designate him as a powerful Archmage. His focus and persistence are unmatched as his position might suggest. Loreweaver's magical focus is on lightning spells and his mastery of that is second to none.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 98
Biological Sex