Kava Truvor

Dragonborn Fighter


Kava left the Dragonborn community when she was deemed too old to be productive and after wandering, settled in Brightport. She owned the Rusty Nipple, a low end whore house that she barely kept afloat thanks to a crippling gambling problem made worse by many bad business decisions.  
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Arc 1
When Graddik appeared and offered Kava and her group a job, she naturally took it. They briefly visited Lochfort and made their way into the Silver Glade. They fought through an ancient Elven tomb, all nearly being killed in the process.   After returning to Brightport, things return to normal for a while. Graddik again appeared and offered a job bringing the group to Esterholt where they met Darmock and a young Jadzia.   2 years later, Kava brings her group to the fighting pits in Or'Rash to try to claim the throne and are victorious. Several months later, Kava injured her back and was unable to defend the throne. The group went their separate ways, but Sonia stuck by her side.   When she was able, Kava wasted no time forming a new group, one of which was her nephew, Drakonis. Together they took a job leading them near Odysia. Trudging their way through an old cavern and nearly dying in the process. They did retrieve the artifact they were searching for and returned to Esterholt to sell it.   The group is presumed to have disbanded and have not been seen for several years. Kava's current condition and location are unknown.

Appearance and Personality

  Kava is gruff, crude and insulting and that is when she is in a good mood. She expects the best from her group and while frequently disappointed with the results, she always moves forward.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Became Queen of the Dragonborn in Episode 110
  • Threw out of back and was ousted as queen before the events of Episode 178


  • Kava 'ain't no little bitch'
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