Aralove Grimnas

Tiefling Invoker (Arc 1), Necromancer (Arc 2)


Aralove Grimnas is the third offspring of Tessia Grimnas, preceded by twin brothers Malchus and Vallus. She is three years their junior. During her childhood, Aralove was protected by her brothers and shielded from the detritus that is the underbelly of Brightport. Only after Malchus and Vallus had both left her would she learn the harsh realities of life in a city built on lies, violence, and debauchery where justice is thing of dreams and fantasy.

    Arc 1
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Aralove would also leave Brightport to see the world beyond the gates. She found herself in the Overwatch as part of an up and coming special unit called the Crimson Shield. Little did she know, the day she joined would effectively be the last day that the Shield existed.
Upon being summoned to Commander Grace's office, Jadzia became defensive and the other members of the group dubious of her non-human presence.
The first and most pressing mission, rescue Una from the elves and finish the destruction of the titan elite unit saw the squad dissolve. Una attempted to stop the group from assaulting the elves and in the proceeding fight with Gavin, defected from the army and Overwatch. Fie and Jadzia also left, finding Una's side easier to stomach than suicide.
The remaining members, Gavin, Aralove and Marcus along with a contingent of the soldiers in training resumed their march towards the titan unit.


The next minutes saw Gavin commit suicide to complete the mission but commanding the rest of the soldiers to turn back. Aralove and Marcus did so, returning to the city and being assigned to fight in the Tournament of Champions.


In the tournament, Poe Tutillo, Rodswell Joybottom, and Flo Lar'va were added to the team against their wills. In the third round, pitted against a group of Mul Nu'Val gladiators. Their leader struck Aralove down before dying himself.
Rodswell resurrected Aralove after the fighting was finished.


Shortly after, a new mission was assigned. Aralove and new member Mason Darktree were already beginning to have misgivings and, after Flo and Commander Grace were hanged as traitors, also defected after a half-hearted assault on the White Ravens headquarters.


Two weeks later Aralove turned up in Fairbay and joined a new team. This one, significantly less racist or warmongering.
Aralove would find a family with these new people, bonding with Khoury, Daegon, Braylon, Acteronis, and Kalden, who arrived later.
Their journey would take them to Odysia, where they rescued Briahna and Craig Mason. They found an Eladrin ship at the docks, the Alu'Yaanda and commandeered it. They sailed toward the Yemgar Swamp to speak with The Witch , which they did.
Khoury was given some bad news and rushed into the swamp. Naturally everyone followed. They managed to convince her to stay and continued toward the Evergreen on foot.
After spending the night in a variety of caves, Briahna opened a gate that led them to Esterholt just in time to see Jadzia and Vallus' wedding.


The group found that the others at the wedding had similar goals in going back to the Witch as well as collecting their ship. They flew back on Amarah, trekked back to the Witch's cabin and learned of a world changing development that would cement each of them in the history of Theria.


Over the next 2 months, Aralove and her friends would sail to the Ashen Sea and nearly die by wrecking the ship on icebergs, fight a purple worm, free Aubrey from the threat of vampires and eventually return to Aralove's home in Brightport.


They would be threatened into taking extra crew and cargo on the ship by the Black Hand as they sailed to Ta'lor to find the eladrin. They survived a massive storm with the help of the additional crew but afterwards discovered that the cargo was guarded by demons.
With the demon threat revealed and the cargo, the legendary axe Stormrender, on board, they recruited two of the Black Hand's crew to their side.


While trying to recruit Leon, the last of the Black Hand's non-demon crew and Braylon's brother, he fired a crossbow aimed for Krea but Aralove stepped in to take the hit. She was killed in the process but Khoury quickly resurrected her with the scroll she got from Marrek in the library.


The party made their way to Ta'lor and found the Eladrin hidden deep within a mountain. They were frozen in stasis, and could only be saved by a psion sacrificing themselves at the great seal on Ki'an.
Aralove watched as her friend Daegon said his goodbyes and stepped up to perform the ritual and free his people, but he was saved that fate by Briahna Ebelmare.


The assembled heroes made their way back to the mainland where they scattered to the wind...the gods released.

  Arc 2
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Aralove has spent the last 2 years protecting her mother.
More recently, she was asked to travel to Esterholt for a meeting with Mayor Jadzia Grace, her brothers Malchus and Vallus and several others.
They were asked to stop a local cult from resurrecting the dragon Straad who had been killed several years earlier in the city of Odysia.


Appearance and Personality


Aralove took after her mother in appearance. Her horns curve back at the same angle and she’s decidedly petite for a tiefling at just 5’6”. The same soulful black eyes watch from behind thick lashes.


Despite her smaller frame, Aralove has curves to spare. She’s pretty, if you go for the red-skinned demon look, but fairly unremarkable. Tieflings all pretty much look the same, right? At first glance Aralove looks professional and well kept. Her hair is pulled into tight braids as dark and glossy as a raven’s wing. She wears a thick woolen cloak with wide, bell sleeves and a full hood. The cloak is trimmed in runes stitched with crimson thread. The front meets in the middle as she stands at attention. The shoulders are slightly pointed by the top layer of the cloak that drapes over the sleeves, no doubt intended to prevent heavy rains from seeping through the first layer. As she moves and re-positions, the soft jangle of chain and the glimpse of dark metal reveals that she is wearing light armor beneath the cloak. On the left side of this short top layer is an insignia stitched in red and silver on the dark gray of the cloak.


She carries a fairly plain staff of dark wood, the top tied with feathers or baubles of some kind.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Member of the Crimson Shield (defected)
  • Aralove died during the Tournament of Champions fighting with the Crimson Shield and was resurrected by Rodswell Joybottom shortly after. (Episode 52)
  • Joined Group 2 in Episode 87
  • Killed by Braylon's brother Leon in Episode 190 but is quickly resurrected with the Scroll that Khoury got from the library.
  • Helped thwart the Order of the Scale and their attempt to resurrect Straad

    Critical History Checks

  • The Witch (Episode 100)
  • The docks and shipping practices in Brightport (Episode 136)
  • Possibly due to her knowledge of the docks, she is also an expert on pirates (Episode 163)


  • Younger sister to Malchus and Vallus Grimnas, but now older than Malchus because of his time travel
  • It is believed that her personality changed during or shortly after her first resurrection
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 48

    Current Location
    Current Residence
    Raven black braids, pulled back tightly
    Aligned Organization
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