Poe Tutillo

Human Soldier


At a young age, Poe lived at the temple of Kord in Esterholt where he met young Una Anhelada. The two trainees became good friends and were nigh inseparable. After Una left to join the ranks of the Overwatch, Poe also decided that he needed a change of pace and left shortly after his friend.  
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Poe’s travels took him around western Theria, eventually coming to rest around Winterhaven. It was here he met Briahna Ebelmare. Intrigued by the young woman, Poe recognized the bravery and strength Brie and decided to follow her into the organization known as the White Ravens.   During his time with the Ravens, he came to fully believe in their cause and that Overwatch needed to be stopped. He trained diligently, rising through the ranks of the organization to become one of the main Lieutenants under Liara Bryos. Because of his great skill and Liara’s trust in the young man, Poe was selected to participate in a dangerous mission: Infiltrate Overwatch.   Poe managed to infiltrate the city under the guise as another refugee who wanted to find protection in the city. He joined the army to help his cover and possibly uncover military secrets. His enlistment was subtly promoted by Commander Patrick Grace, a fellow White Raven spy. Unfortunately, Commander Grace could not push Poe farther than any other soldier, lest suspicion be raised. This led to Poe being delegated to manual labor duty with the other new recruits.   Poe came into contact with Una once again during Una’s time with the Crimson Shield, an elite unit of Overwatch soldiers. Poe was extremely envious of Una’s elevated position and her adventures with the unit. This desire to be in a better position was a driving force for the young man. After the Crimson Shield captured Briahna, Poe volunteered to help interrogate the woman. The result of the “interrogation” left Brie beaten and bloodied but, unbeknownst to the Overwatch, free from restraints. Unfortunately, his official participation did not help Poe’s case and he was once again left to Sergeant Baker and menial tasks.   As the Crimson Shield was heading to the Evergreen, Poe was confronted in his role of interrogating Brie by Una. It was a completely one-sided fight, with Poe beating a hasty retreat from the vengeful Una. Eventually, she relented, leaving Poe shaken and scared for his life. It was after this that he managed to get his break though. After the Evengreen mission, the Crimson Shield had only two members left. Field Commander Marcus Sana and Aralove Grimnas recruited Mason Darktree to join the unit at a bar one night. Poe happened to be there and invited himself into the unit, promising his loyalty and obedience.   His first action as a new member of the Crimson Shield came after the group was entered into Tournament of Champions. During the string of battles, Poe reveals that his military and temple training weren’t for naught. Despite initial impressions, Poe manages to wade into the middle of the fights, wielding both blade and fists with skill. Though taxing on the entire team, the Crimson Shield wins the tournament. Poe was present for the public hangings of Commander Grace and Flo Lar’va under the accusations of being traitors. He could only stand idly as his commanding officer and fellow spy died.   During the Crimson Shield mission to scout out and destroy the White Ravens headquarters, Poe was forced to reveal his true nature. He was commanded to protect not only the civilians still in the base, but the mysterious Gate that was hidden in the cave system. His true loyalties revealed, Poe was free to return to White Ravens. He stayed at the headquarters, protecting it from any attackers with a skeleton force while the majority of forces participated in the defense of Winterhaven.   After the destruction of the Warforged, Poe headed to Winterhaven to deliver the news to Liara and Brie, only to find that it happened everywhere. He was left behind at the city to keep track of the White Ravens while Liara went to try and find a way to revive Briahna. After Group 1 returned from Durnhollow, Thoril tasked Poe to head back with troops to clear out any Overwatch forces, which he did. He returned to the front lines of the war with Liara as the siege of Overwatch took place.   After the battle and Liara was crowned Queen, Poe became Captain of the Guard and did his best to keep order in the city.   Arc 2 After the Seal was opened and word of what transpired made it back to Overwatch, Poe disappeared for a time. He was spotted again in Onak-Al working as a fixer of sorts. After talking to Marrek Aethelred and his friends and being assured that Una Anhelada did not pressure Briahna Ebelmare to sacrifice herself he decided to make his way back to Overdale.  

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Notable Moments

  • Poe pissed himself while fighting Una once. It was hilarious and embarrassing
  • Poe has developed a fighting technique called "throat punch" that seems to work on nearly everything
  • After the fall of Carter and the city of Overwatch, Poe was named Captain of the Guard when Liara was voted in as Queen


Young looking. Dark hair. Lean but fit, due to his training with the military.   Initially he was very intrigued by Una’s progress in the army. He was very excitable, ambitious and always interested in trying to better his position. This could be taken initially as his desire for progress but some may see it as he was wanting to gather as much information as possible for the White Ravens.   When first introduced, Poe was seen as an inept and bumbling. Despite being raised at the Temple of Kord, some saw him as weak and cowardly. However, as time went on, Poe was proven to be quite the adept fighter, proving his worth during the Tournament of Champions. Even though he has strength to spare and skill with a blade, Poe tends to leans towards not fighting unless necessary.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 41
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