Marrek Aethelred

Human Cleric


Raised in the volcanic shadows of the Fire Isles, Marrek Aethelred has been guided by his faith in Amaunator—deity of Hope and Light—his entire life. The clerical order that raised him from birth task themselves with creating walled Sanctuaries throughout the islands to protect against criminals and beasts, with Amaunator’s hope and light as their foundation.   As a young acolyte, Marrek quickly showed his prowess in healing, faith, and leadership, all far beyond his years. At twenty-five, his superiors honored him with personal charge over a newly created Sanctuary, including his own congregation numbering in the dozens. Despite these honors, however, youthful impatience remained: after a brutal, life-changing event outside the walls of his Sanctuary, Marrek left the Fire Isles on a seemingly endless journey of atonement to regain a connection to his deity.   Soon after leaving the Isles, he found himself the mark of even further punishment: Marrek suffers from Lycanthropy, triggered by extreme stress, enclosed spaces, including battle. Marrek’s control of himself in werewolf form is tenuous, and the likelihood that he could harm or even kill his own allies is just as great. Believing his affliction is a direct punishment from Amaunator, Marrek urgently seeks to find atonement for his past, regain his connection to Amaunator, and have his curse lifted once and for all.   After more than a decade wandering Theria alone, Marrek met his first true friend and traveling companion, Calluna Vulgaris, deep within the Silver Glade. With life-debts in each other’s hands, Marrek and Calluna formed a plan to make a new start, to find new friends, and to help balance what has been unstable for so long in Theria. After many weeks, their journey led to a connection with Fie, Jadzia, Una, Vallus, Briahna, and Liara in Esterholt.  
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Arc 1
Despite keeping his lycanthropy secret for nearly a week, the group has more-or-less continued to trust Marrek and wish to help him remove his curse. This may or may not be partially due to Marrek’s skills in the kitchen, deliberately honed over the years as a meditative and calming ritual. Notably, Marrek has been a strict vegetarian since the day he realized he was a werewolf, though he doesn’t push his feelings on it to others.   After travelling with Una, Fie, Jadzia and Calluna, Marrek cemented his place in the group and eventually found a way, through the dark magic of the Witch in the swamp, to get rid of his lycanthropy.   With Una, Fie and Jadzia's departure from the group, Marrek has stepped up to the leadership position and taken in a few new additions to the group.   Joined by a few new friends, Marrek continued the quest to stop demons from reaching Theria, found an ancient library and had a wonderful spa day on Uman' Yiro.   With Una, Briahna and Julie back with the group, along with the members of group 2, they all defeated Kal'tos and witnessed Briahna sacrifice herself to free the gods.   Arc 2
In the recent past, Marrek opened an upscale restaurant in Fairbay called The Pounce and Claw. Calluna and some new friends came to visit and convinced him to join them on the road. He agreed and shortly after, a disease emergency brought the group to Onak-Al.

Appearance and Personality

Marrek is slightly short in stature, though stocky and fit. He has shoulder-length brown hair, mutton-chop sideburns, and a gloriously long, horseshoe mustache he takes great pride in. He has slight scarring on his face and hands. Marrek typically wears fine mail, a tattered tabard from his clerical order, a hand crossbow on his belt, and a riding cloak. His prized possession is a two-handed morningstar, with a beautifully hand-carved, opal-inlaid handle. The ball and spikes of his weapon have been forged and gilt to resemble a glowing sun—his tribute to Amaunator’s light.   Though Marrek is polite, diplomatic, and deeply loyal, he has been apart from normal society for so long that he can be uncomfortable when dealing directly with others. In an attempt to reduce his more stressful instincts, he tries to avoid tight, enclosed spaces and combat in general. Marrek’s deepest wish is to prove to himself and to others that he can indeed be trusted, and that he has learned from the mistakes of his past. After such a long journey of atonement, however, Marrek is becoming more and more restless, and has begun actively wondering when Amaunator will finally put him back in his good graces.   Marrek loves to cook as it soothes his spirit. Some of his recipes can be found in his cookbook "In The Kitchen With Marrek"  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Marrek has lycanthropy which first showed itself in Episode 77
  • Overachieving Acolyte Award
  • Fire Isles Sanctuary Counselor for Fire Isles Youth
  • Member, Shield of Grace
  • Made Rooibos tea for House Silverclaw, didn’t wolf out
  • Helped release the gods from their unnatural "prison"
  • Opened his restaurant, The Pounce and Claw in Fairbay
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Sky Blue
    Light Brown
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