Crimson Shield

Overwatch Army


The Crimson Shield was a special Army unit in the Overdale/Overwatch military.   While the squad seemed eager to complete each and every mission, the leadership above them seemed to be pushing them to fail.   Captain Chaden Tenbolt aimed to derail the missions planned by Commander Patrick Grace as he wanted to create an opportunity for his own promotion.   When the Crimson Shield finally failed a mission, it caused a rift. Una Anhelada had been captured by the Elves but everyone had agreed to leave anyone who failed to escape behind. This was easier to say than to do and when they realized what happened, Gavin mustered the group to go back to Commander Grace and ask for help. Aralove Grimnas was added to the team, instructions given to gather all of the troops in the Evergreen to accompany the squad in an assault on the Elves.   Una managed to survive single combat with Briahna Ebelmare and through sheer luck managed to escape execution by the Elves. Una was given permission to warn her friends and try to stave off the attack. This failed and in the end, Gavin sacrificed himself in a suicidal decision to make sure the mission succeeded and that the Titan Elite was destroyed.   Only Marcus Sana and Aralove went back to Overwatch, Fie Lar'va and Jadzia Grace deciding to side with Una and defect from the Army.   On their arrival back in the city, new members were assigned to the Crimson Shield. Poe Tutillo and Mason Darktree joined the group and were immediately thrown into the revived Tournament of Champions along with Rodswell Joybottom and Flo Lar'va.   The group was successful in winning the tournament but afterwards, due to some shady dealings between Marcus and Captain Tenbolt, both Flo and Commander Grace were hung as traitors.   In their final mission, which was to destroy the White Ravens headquarters in the Evergreen the remnants of the Crimson Shield again made their way to the forest. When the group made it to the cave, Poe revealed himself to Mason and Aralove to be a White Raven and would not allow them to destroy the cave. Aralove and Mason decided that the Overwatch may be on the wrong side of things and defected along with Poe leaving Marcus to return to the city on his own effectively disbanding the Crimson Shield.