Gavin Dearborn

Human Warlord


Gavin grew up in Orphanage Boarding House #12, better known as Smith's Home for Wayward Boys. His surname was applied for taxation purposes, holding no relationship to any other known Dearborn. He was orphaned at the age of five, and was unable to recall memories of a time where he had a mother or father.   Growing up, he tried his hand at several trades, taking up apprenticeship wherever it was offered. Surprisingly, he was a prodigy in every profession he tried, which pleased some master craftsmen and enraged others. Nothing seemed to hold his interest, but Headmaster Theodore Smith always accepted Gavin back into the Home whenever an apprenticeship eventually failed.   On Gavin's sixteenth birthday, Headmaster Smith revealed to the young man that he had been a Captain in the Overdale military, hoping the news would help to steer the boy in some solid direction and bring order to his life. The revelation took hold, and Gavin threw himself into the academics of war as well as the physical demands of combat. After he learned all he could with the ex-Captain, he signed up for service, falsifying his age to meet the requirement. A few months later, Gavin had shown near-unlimited potential, succeeding in any problem he has been pitted against.   Gavin was chosen for Captain Chaden Tenbolt's pet project, which would be later formerly recognized as the Crimson Shield.  
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Arc 1
As the team's field officer, the Crimson Shield were successful in several campaigns, up until Una, Jadzia, and Fie disobeyed direct orders to bring Sergeant Baker's ditch-diggers into combat against the Elves to explode the experimental Warforged Titan. At that point, Gavin sacrificed his own life in order to be certain the explosive destroyed the Titan, as demanded by Commander Patrick Grace. His last words were to order Marcus, Aralove, and Baker's men into a retreat as the detonation vaporized him.   He was seventeen when he died, his eighteenth birthday would have fallen on the most recent Tournament of Champions.

Appearance and Personality

  In life, Gavin kept his black hair longer than military regulation, worn in a ponytail. His eyes were an eerie cobalt blue, unsettling and unblinking when he focused on an object or person. He made it a point to look anyone dead in the eyes when he was speaking to them, which was unnerving to many whom he held an extended conversation with. Gavin also wore a wide-brimmed red hat, a style popular when Headmaster Smith was a Captain. The hat had become as much a part of him, he seemed out of place without it. He also could not avoid being bearded for long. No matter what he tried, even the closest shave would eventually result in stubble just a few hours later.   While he had an almost super-human aptitude in both strength and intelligence, Gavin lacked basic self-preservation instincts. Time after time, he had shown a willingness to risk his health in dare-devil gambits, bringing to bear a keen eagerness to apply battlefield theorem to the ultimate test in the crucible of combat. He had a rather large collection of scars marring his skin, the most prominent of these having been a jagged slash very close to his left eye. Additionally, it was noted that he was not the most perception person, sometimes missing obvious visual and audible cues. It was recounted that the many blows he took to the head was the likely culprit for his deficiency.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Field Commander of the Crimson Shield
  • Under his watch, the Crimson Shield completed every mission
  • Died after a suicide charge in Episode 48

    Notable Kills

  • Experimental Titan Warforge (Ep.48)
  • Himself (Ep.48)


  • Gavin was very attached to his hat.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 37

    Cobalt blue
    Long black ponytail
    Aligned Organization
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