Patrick Grace

Human Soldier


Commander Patrick Grace was an elite member of the Overwatch, having risen through the ranks faster than most and using his position of power to try to make a better world. He was often held up to other soldiers as the ideal- the type of man they should all hold themselves to be.   However it is known that Commander Grace did have one black mark on his record, though only socially, being that he fathered a daughter in a brothel in Durnhollow, one Jadzia Grace. As an adult she followed in his stead to join the Overwatch army, which may have eased the social stigma of bearing a bastard child. Though the two rarely spoke he did seem to show an awkward fondness for her, his strong eyes softening slightly when she was in sight.  
Show spoiler
Despite his deep fondness for his daughter, Patrick did not have the ability to rid her of her deep-seated prejudice against the ‘lesser’ races. After attempting to have a Tiefling join her squad, Jadzia Grace turned against Overwatch, supposedly against her own father, and in that action, she sealed her father’s fate. Marcus Sana used the defection as a ruse to frame Commander Grace of high treason. After reading the forged note allegedly written from father to daughter, Patrick Grace was tried and found guilty for the crime, and he was hung in front of the entire city.   When asked for his last words, Commander Grace solemnly announced “I love my daughter”. Some say they heard a twinge of regret hidden in those words, but to the crowds beneath him and the audience of his peers above, this was merely a confirmation of his guilt. The only people who knew the truth of the matter were Marcus Sana and Captain Tenbolt, the man who forged the note and the one who commissioned it.   Only, it seems, they were not as clever as they thought. Even as they framed their fellow soldier, neither of the men truly suspected that Patrick Grace was anything but a loyal soldier, and they were both very much mistaken. Soon it was revealed that Patrick Grace was in fact a Raven, and his daughter had inadvertently only continued to follow in his mysterious footsteps.


Patrick Grace was a tall imposing man with weathered olive skin and thick, dark hair. He had a grizzled look about him- a face that seemed as though it had every right to be tired, but still held strong by sheer willpower. Dark eyes set on the horizon, always trying to focus on what the future could be but still knowing what the reality was. His hair was always a bit longer than the usual army member, but pulled back in such a tight ponytail that it looked short from the front- much like his daughters, though quite a bit shorter.   He was always a reserved man, even to his own kin. He had to be in his line of work, both as a soldier and as a spy. His stern demeanor was a means of protection- for himself and the ones he cared about. Patrick Grace was not a man to put himself before the greater good, and he lost his life to prove that fact.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 41
Aligned Organization
Group 3