Marcus Sana

Human Cleric


Marcus Sana began his career in Overwatch after he had to watch his family destroyed by the choices of one Malchus Grimnas and his band of merry monsters. When he was chosen to be in the Crimson Shield, an elite group of soldiers to carry out sensitive missions, he believed that his aspirations were about to be met. He wanted to claw up the ladder, holding aspirations of even kingdom in his bitter heart.  
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Arc 1
When his team turned against him and his captain blasted away in front of his very eyes, something began to fracture in Marcus's mind. What sort of allegiance had he pledged himself to? He did not doubt his own cause, only those around him who seemed polluted with unfaithful loyalties. When he returned, he demanded to be the leader of the Crimson Shield, and he was given the position without fight.   He was thrown into the Tournament of Champions, a young woman, the mother of his former comrade at his side. He demanded she hide, and at the first opportunity he tried to seal her freedom by forging a leader condemning one of the leaders, Commander Patrick Grace. He condemned the man without batting an eye, despite the fact that he was the father of another former comrades. Apparently some innocents were more important than others. Whatever moral quandary he was attempting to settle, however, did not matter. He saw them both hung.   Betrayed once more, Marcus had no time to air out his grievances before being sent on yet another mission which he would fail and find more teammates turned against him. He returned to Overwatch alone and completely destroyed mentally. Everyone was a traitor, no one could be trusted, they were all enemies. He framed Captain Tenbolt in the same manner her framed Commander Grace, and watched as that man was hung as well.   After a meeting with the king himself, Macus managed to receive his own small army to negotiate an arrangement with the mayor of Esterholt. However, his former comrades were there, in the shadows, and they were angry. He'd murdered their families, and they were not going to let him get away with it.   When Una burst forth during breakfast, she scared away more than half of Commander Sana's men. He was abandoned and betrayed once more, for one last time. When confronted by the mage he once called his ally, he admitted his crimes under her stern gaze. With no more tricks at his disposal, he completely gave up hope. She spent not a second in thought before killing him.

Appearance and Personality

  Marcus Sana was a common-looking man. A healer by trade he had not much in the way of stature or muscles, his dark hair cropped short and red robes not making him look any more imposing on the battlefield. His silver tongue was his real weapon, and so looking common suited his needs.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Raised from squad member to Squad Leader following Gavin's suicide in Episode 50
  • Promoted to the position of Commander in the Overwatch army by King Carter in Episode 67 (last 6 minutes)
  • Killed by Jadzia in Episode 76

    Notable Kills

  • Flo Lar'va (assist)
  • Patrick Grace
  • Chaden Tenbolt

    Critical History Checks

  • The Orb of Light (Episode 43)


  • Marcus was a pacifist and unable to hit a bloodied opponent without repercussion
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 37

    Dark hair
    Aligned Organization
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