Chaden Tenbolt

Human Soldier


Tenbolt began training for the Overwatch military at the same time as Patrick Grace. Unlike Grace, Tenbolt strove for personal power rather than the good of the people. Even though in many areas Tenbolt was superior to Grace, he only gained the position of Captain, while Grace gained Commander. Tenbolt set up the Crimson Shield, a new squad of promising recruits to act as a strike team for the Overwatch military. The Crimson Shield consisted at this time of Una Anhelada, Gavin Dearborn, Jadzia Grace, Marcus Sana and Fie Lar'va. Tenbolt assigned the squad to Sergeant Fletcher who sent the new squad on different missions to protect Overwatch interests, from collapsing a cave occupied by Drow to collecting rubies for Warforged eyes.  
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The squad was taken over by Commander Patrick Grace as soon as they had proven their skill, much to Tenbolt’s dismay. They began to be assigned missions far from the war effort like investigating a disturbance in Durnhollow. The Crimson Shield continued to out perform any other squad by destroying a slave ring and capturing a wanted terrorist named Briahna Ebelmare. Tenbolt, despite organizing the group, received no credit for the team's successes but once the team failed at destroying a captured Warforged titan in the Evergreen forest and three of the squad committed treason, the full blame was put on Tenbolt. The traitors were declared as Una Anhelada, Jadzia Grace and Fie Lar’va. The treason was placed on Tenbolts' shoulders while Commander Grace washed his hands of the groups failure.   The squad were sent back to the forest to complete the mission leading a warband of five hundred Overwatch soldiers. The team succeeded in their mission the only casualty being Gavin Dearborn (but not his hat).   During the Tournament of Champions, which hadn’t been hosted for fifteen years, Tenbolt and Marcus struck a deal to incriminate Grace and in return Flo Lar'va, the mother of Fie, would be allowed to leave the arena and the team would face an easier challenge that would improve their life expectancy. After the tournament, Tenbolt executed Commander Grace and Flo Lar’va publicly by hanging. Tenbolt was promoted to Commander and was in control of the Crimson Shield consisting of Marcus Sana, Aralove Grimnas and Mason Darktree. Tenbolt had finally achieved his goal of personal power.   Commander Tenbolt was framed by Marcus Sana shortly after and hung as a traitor, allowing Marcus to be promoted to the rank of Commander.


Even before becoming Commander, Tenbolt always wore his formal regalia in the Overwatch colours of silver and red. Tenbolt also has thick blonde hair cut short but still reaching the back of his neck in length. Tenbolt is of an honorable nature but is glory hungry to the point where nothing will stop him from gaining more power. This can lead him to be bloodthirsty. Anyone not working for him is a potential threat to his glory, and even those who do work for him may be considered a threat if they prove themselves skilled or independent.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 50