Thoven Fletcher

Human Soldier


Sergeant Fletcher never tried exceptionally hard to be a good soldier. He was happy to slide by once he was off the field, but that didn't stop him from growing bitter towards those who did work hard and reach their goals. One of the main sources of spite for Thoven was Captain Tenbolt, a man who was flaunted as one of the best in all of the Overwatch army. Thoven felt a deep-seeded bitterness towards the successful Captain, and as such the team the captain put together known as “The Crimson Shield”.   Show spoiler
As the man who would give The Crimson Shield their orders, Sergeant Fletcher went out of his way to make sure it wasn't easy. He wanted the group to fail, and sent them on several suicide missions specifically to further his purpose and make Thoven look like a fool for putting them together. Much to his chagrin, the first mission, to fetch the rubies to power the Warforged, was a complete success. However, he did see the group take some damage, the worst of it showing when nearly half the team left for the White Ravens.   He didn't have time to gloat, however, as after that incident the new leader, Marcus Sana, refused to answer to anyone other than Captain Tenbolt. Thoven was glad to wipe his hands clean of the group.   After Overwatch fell, Sergeant Fletcher stayed on as the inventory control specialist for the army.


Not quite the picture of a perfect soldier, Thoven's shaggy black hair with a braid to the side doesn't fit in with the well-groomed soldiers he aligned himself with. However, his serious demeanor helps to complete the illusion of the type of man he wishes he were. Because he was not as needed on the field, the Fletcher's muscles had become soft in his office work, but not so much that it was easy to tell through the Overwatch uniform he wore.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 37
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