Mason Darktree

Human Slayer


A brawler from birth, Mason Darktree never had much in the way of education. Even what fighting he knew was learned on the streets and his teachers were other thugs and mercenaries. Mason did not have an easy life, though he found some solace in Overwatch. With crime essentially non-existent within its walls, Mason decided to join the army to make use of his skills. While in the early days of his time there, he met a tiefling named Aralove, who would later vouch for him to join the elite members of the Crimson Shield.  
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Arc 1
Once in the group, Mason started to have a bad feeling in his gut. Nothing seemed right. One of his first experiences within the elite group was to watch a woman he knew was innocent fight against hordes of monsters, and then see the end of a noose anyhow. His suspicions that he was on the wrong side only grew after that, and after being told to murder women and children Mason decided that it was time to step away from the Crimson Shield.   After fighting against the army he was once on the side of, Mason and Aralove left the battlefield. Their emotions in a frenzy, they are presumed to have walked away from the battle towards an unknown destination.

Appearance and Personality

  A wall of a man with darkened skin, Mason was about an intimidating as a human could be in a world of monsters. With dark, suspicious eyes and a gruff exterior, he was able to find few friends. However, the ones who saw past his frightening demeanor were able to know him as a kind man who simply enjoyed the little things in life.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Member of the Crimson Shield (Defected)

    Notable Kills

  • Sergeant Baker (Ep 59)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 50

    Current Location
    Aligned Organization
    Group 3
    Other Affiliations