Flo Lar'va

Human Super-mom


Matriarch of the Lar’va clan, Florence “Flo” Lar’va raised Fie and his siblings alone after her husband was slain during the Elven well incident. The Lar’va family farm was one of the many farms on the outskirts of Overdale. Once her eldest sons were old enough to take charge of the farm, she moved into a small house in the city. There were too many memories haunting the old farm for Flo. It was here that she continued to live, raising her younger children while still getting visited by her older offspring. Soon, everyone moved out to pursue their own careers, leaving Flo to live in the small abode alone.   She was most often visited by Fie, since his duties in the Overwatch army kept him close to home. Before one of his missions, Fie stopped by with the rest of group 3 and introduced his mother to his companions. Seeing her son in a battered shape, she gave Fie his father’s broadsword to help him defend himself better.  
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After Fie was killed by Briahna Ebelmare, Flo was distraught. She was on-hand to witness his resurrection at the hands of Rodswell Joybottom. She was immensely grateful to the cleric. This also steeled her resolve to either have Fie removed from the army or have Una do a better job protecting him. Unfortunately, this would be one of the last times she saw her son. Soon afterwards, Fie defected from the Overwatch to support Una. Flo never learned what happened to her son, other than the word that he was a traitor.   Due to Fie’s defection, the Over\watch became increasingly wary of Flo and whether she was a spy along with Fie. Soon afterwards, Flo was captured under suspicion of being a traitor. During the tournament of champions, she was thrown into the arena to be used a leverage against the Crimson Shield. After the Crimson Shield saved her by killing all the enemies, Marcus managed to make a deal that she would be spared from the next fight in exchange for helping incriminate Commander Grace for being a traitor.   Unfortunately, this protection only lasted until the end of the Tournament. Shortly afterwards, much to the surprise of the Crimson Shield, Flo was marched to the stockade to be hung for the crime of aiding a traitor of the Overwatch. As she stood, waiting, all she could do was weep…  

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Notable Moments

  • Flo was first visited by the members of Group 3 in Episode 39, but was only referred to as "Mrs Fie's Mom"
  • Survived being thrown into the Tournament of Champions in Episode 52


Flo is a very adorable woman. Mother to not only her children, she welcomed all who entered her domicile with open arms and baked goods. All who met this woman fell in love with her and only a true lowlife with no soul would ever want her dead.   Since Fie was her precious baby boy, she was very protective of her son. It even got to the point of having Una promise to take care of him.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 39
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