White Ravens

The White Ravens as an organization started more than a decade ago as a renegade force aiming to combat the Overwatch.

Public Agenda

The group was started as a way to help those fleeing from the Overwatch and to hinder the military operations of that city when possible.
  This changed to attempting to make Ellara a safer place in general when the war efforts were no longer needed.


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The Ravens were started by Trias Draverson after he left Overwatch when his views and that of Zannon Carter finally hit a point of no return.
  He was joined sometime later by Liara Bryos when she too, could not stay in the city. They formed a tight relationship and after the Siege of Winterhaven, took in a young Briahna Ebelmare.
  After Trias was killed in an ambush, Briahna took over leadership helping the Elves, defending Winterhaven and eventually taking the war to Overwatch.
  After the city was taken, the Ravens became a force for change in the world, attempting to rebuild communities and sending groups to help those in need across the continent.   Following Briahna's death, the group has dissolved but there are those who are trying to revive the spirit that they stood for.
First introduced in Arc 1, Episode 19
Secret, Military