Finway Dawnharp

Elven Researcher


Finway grew up in an isolated and dinky elf village. His village was located deep in the forest near the edge of OverDale’s farm.   Finway was just a teenager when an unknown source poisoned his village’s well. He was tasked to find some adventurers to help him and his people. Equipped with two sacks, one with the cure for the poison and another full with rare gems, he rushed into the depths of the forest. Eventually, he stumbled upon a group of adventurers who were in mid-battle with some corrupted elves. Shocked at what he was witnessing, Finway hid in some nearby bushes until the adventurers had killed all of his friends. Finway’s constant sobbing led to the group finding him. With extreme caution, they approached Finway and introduced themselves as Duncan Joybottom, Malchus Grimnus, Thoril Songsteal, Trias Draverson and Jarahk Ironhide. After Duncan barked at him for answers, Finway gave him his two sacks and explained the situation to the group. He pointed them in the direction of his village’s well before running back to his home.  
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17 YEARS LATER   Finway is one of many young men that work as a scientist for the White Ravens. Finway and his lab mates worked in a secluded room where they have studied an ancient artifact only known as “The Gate”. During his research, he was visited by some old friends. Jarahk, Malchus and Thoril among some other adventurers he didn’t know were escorted into their research center. Finway furiously shook the hands of all three men and profusely thanked them for saving him and his village when he was a kid. After the group take some interest in “The Gate”, Finway explained their situation to them. He stood by them as they tested the ancient artifact’s power. Finway was approached by Rodswell Joybottom, part of the adventurers group, about an orb of light he possesses. Fascinated with the orb, Finway reached out to touch it only for Rodswell to pull it back.   He stayed with the Gate for years continuing his research but at last visit, the cave is abandoned while the gate remains. This fact leads some to believe something terrible may have happened to Finway.   Arc 2
It is revealed Episode 21 that Finway, accompanying Daegon, are spending their time mapping the gates and where they lead. What happened in the White Raven's cave with the blood stain remains a mystery.


Finway is very tall and slender something that is common among elves. His appearance fits his personality as he is very intelligent and bright but also quite shy.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 3
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