Formerly the shining beacon of The Wastes, a huge stretch of desert lands separating the city from the others. The city itself was built on the backs of slaves, both fighting in the arena and serving their masters throughout town.



  Arc 1
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Onak-Al is a vast city with many shops, a market, a vast arena and a sea port. It was thriving until a group of adventurers from Brightport came to town as slaves. Allowing them to die in the arena wasn't enough for Emon Thermack of House Darksbane, he wanted them to suffer.
A plague was introduced to the city and everyone who was there became a zombie except the adventurers.


They fought their way out and enacted revenge on Darksbane and eventually came back to the city to clear out the undead threat.

  Arc 2
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After more than a year of slow corpse cleanup, the Houses of Brightport reclaimed the city and worked out a plan to share in its revival.
This plan was sidetracked when the Eladrin started to reappear and needed a place to reconnect with the current world.
They were allowed to settle Onak-Al and manage it with a council of their choosing.


Recently, the council decided it had enough of serving those in Brightport and sent notice to secede with a group of adventurers.



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Onak-al is currently run by a Council of Eladrin, which includes Yorvin Zerath.

Local Threats

Blue dragons lurking beneath the sand make traveling through the heat and sun of The Wastes much more dangerous.  



Former Residents