Arc 2 - Episode #014

When To Say Goodbye

General Summary

21st of Yeste' - Very early morning
The group presses on through the morning, all day and the next night with only a few rest stops.

The vultures begin to circle closer as the water drops lower and lower. The group gets lost a little, Marrek kills and cooks a vulture and the cart keeps on rolling into the night.

The ocean comes back into view and everyone realizes that Onak-Al must be close. After more marching and rationing of water to make sure Eliwrath stays hydrated, the city finally appears in the distance.

23rd of Yeste' - 4am
After talking to the guard at the gate, the party is allowed into the city. Giant fountains splash cool water everywhere and without thought for sanitation, most of the group jumps into one.

Once everyone has cooled off and gotten their fill of fresh water, they all splash towards an inn called The Oasis. Marrek secures a place to stay and all plan to find a cleric after sleeping in a bed for the first time in days.

Locations Visited

Group C

Player Characters

Release date: 15 Oct 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Oct 2017
Primary Location
The Wastes
Secondary Location