Acteronis Athanasius

Revenant Cavalier


Sir Acteronis Idwal Athanasius was one of the best riders of the Order of Rashabar Knights from the now fallen city of Onak-Al. Forced out of the city after the Undead invasion, he fled through the desert in an effort to get help. However, after getting lost and wandering for weeks, he lost all hopes of saving his city and decided to spread the teachings of his Order and family creed. After the death of his faithful steed, Trusty, he took it upon himself to help the town of Lochfort, and a group of brave adventurers, to take care of a werewolf problem and rescue missing companions.  
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Arc 1
Acteronis joined the new group on their quest to rescue any friends who may have survived their initial werewolf encounter and to, hopefully, kill the werewolves. They managed to find Trixy but Baranith and Rikus were both very dead. With little effort, the werewolf pack was located and dealt with but not before Haven was bitten several times.   While camping not long after, the party was attacked by a briar troll who immediately hit Haven causing him to transform into a werewolf. Between Haven and the troll, Sevedus and Acteronis were lost and Haven escaped into the forest.   Normally, this would be the end of the line but Acteronis was inexorably tied to Khoury and staying dead was not his destiny.   Acteronis clawed his way out of the ground and shuffled his way back to Khoury and Daegon by some unknown force. He met them in Fairbay, collapsed and was revived by Braylon to meet the new team.   Khoury and Daegon, now joined by Aralove, Braylon and Layla journeyed with Acteronis for the next 2 months on a journey that would ultimately define their lives.   Their mission, now following Daegon's path to find the missing Eladrin, brought them to Esterholt, Odysia, Ebony Harbor, Aubrey and eventually Brightport. Along the way they fought a purple worm, a hydra and a centuries old vampire. They also earned the enmity of a powerful crime boss, the Black Hand in Brightport by betraying her and stealing the cargo she had threatened them into taking to Ta'lor.   The trip to Ta'lor did lead them to the Eladrin, who had been imprisoned by Alviryn for their hubris. The Eladrin thought themselves to be more powerful than the gods themselves and locked them away in mortal bodies to live countless lives. Alviryn, however, somehow managed to remember who she was but was still trapped in the body of The Witch in Yemgar Swamp. This realization set the world on a set of events that would see Acteronis and his friends, joined by another group of adventurers, opening the seal and releasing the gods from their prison.   This would prove to be the end of Acteronis' unnatural life on Theria, as his bond with Khoury finally was broken when she too, ascended as a god.   It is doubtful that the Raven Queen will have forgotten her faithful follower, but his afterlife rewards are unknown.

Appearance and Personality

  Fully clad in heavy armor and with a thick cloak lumped over his shoulders, his actual appearance is still a mystery to most. His suit of armor is a beautiful work of craftsmanship, yet it is dirty and bloodied. Etched is the black iron plates are Elven scriptures, names of all the Athanasius family members who became Rashabar Knights over the past centuries. His shield bears the symbol of a metallic dragon, and he wields a cruel-looking khopesh that is coated in purple flames.   His good nature is only matched by his sense of sacrifice. He lives for his brothers and sisters in arms, and dies for them as well - although he hasn't truly done the latter just yet. The memories of his last few days in Onak-Al are scrambled and vague, and the faces and names of the people he knew are blurry and distant. He is in fact a Revenant, but his oblivious nature has prevented him from noticing so.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Acteronis was killed by a briar troll in Episode 79
  • Acteronis clawed his way back to Theria at the end of Episode 87 and returned to the group in Episode 90. In this time he changed from a Cavalier to a Cleric
  • Died following Khoury's ascension in Episode 200

    Notable Kills

  • Killed Udoben, the legendary vampire with the Orb of Light. (Ep 146)
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 74

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Rider of the Order of the Rashabar Knights
    Long and raven black, it is very tangled from never removing his helmet
    Aligned Organization
    Group 2
    Related Myths

    Character Portrait image: by Thomas Randby