Lochfort is a small town that rests just to the south of the Silver Glade. Lochfort is known for it’s gorgeous sunsets, beautiful fields and constant werewolf attacks.   A low wall surrounds the town, physically incapable of keeping out even the smallest wildlife.


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Arc 1
Lochfort has a long history of battling the werewolves who live in the Silver Glade. The townsfolk took to a form of bribery to keep themselves safe. They would trick travelers into hunting the wolves, only to be eaten, thus keeping the werewolves from attacking the town.   When an adventuring group came through and offered to help, the citizens thought they had found their solution but that party too, was no match for the werewolves. Eventually, the pack leader was destroyed but within days, a new, deadlier alpha emerged. Haven Tash, as he was formerly known, organized the pack like never before and systematically assaulted the town killing or driving off nearly everyone.   A group of White Ravens were dispatched to Lochfort to check on some disappearances and were trapped within the town. When reinforcements arrived, they fought the werewolves back and hunted down Haven, now permanently in werewolf form and defeated him and the pack.   Arc 2
Since the Massacre in 1263, Lochfort has gone through a population change and has been rebuilding as the attacks have subsided.   All of the surviving children, most of who were orphaned in the attacks, were sent to neighboring towns for their safety.


Lochfort has a mayor and a town sheriff.  

Local Threats

Werewolves. Lots of werewolves.  



Former Residents