Trevor McBride

Human Shop Worker


Trevor McBride spent the bulk of his life as a shop boy, sweeping up after men older than himself who would make a mess of the town’s local bar. One night, a seductress entered the bar and asked him to join on an adventure. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to please and even more eager to take a break from his mediocre life with his bitter father, Trevor jumped at the chance to be a hero . They set off that night on a quest to find a mythical item, despite knowing about the towns small werewolf problem. In their very first battle, Trevor found himself bitten and very nearly robbed, and ran into the forest.  
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What happened immediately following those events is not well-known, but it can be inferred. Trevor simply did not have the strength of will to tame the beast he’d become, or he enjoyed the power he had been given. Perhaps if he couldn’t be a hero, he took solace in becoming a monster, giving into all of the dark urges the beast created within him, so long as he wasn’t some normal shop-boy with an overbearing father and a boring life.   He began to terrorize the town he used to be a part of, adding members to his pack with each year and becoming a competent and deadly leader. As the town grew more desperate their primary goal became just getting the pack to feed on strangers instead of residents, and they would send out travelers and would-be heros to feed the creatures rather than risk their own. One such group were the former owners of House Darksbane, who went out in search of the werewolves thinking they were the hunters. Unfortunately, the reality dawned on them far too late.   Trevor and his group brutally dismembered two of the party- Rikus and Baranith- in a gluttonous rampage. The pack feasted on their bodies, leaving nothing behind but grass slick with blood and the weapons that did not interest them. To the pack, this was just a lucky feast and nothing more. Little did they know that through their actions they summoned a reckoning. The group returned with a stronger party, and the anger and willpower to finally do away with the towns devastating pest. Khoury Forestkeeper dealt the lethal blow on Trevor McBride, though the pack leader left one memento for the group to remember him by.


As a human, Trevor was mildly handsome and unassuming. Not the brightest, but not idiotic either, Trevor was just average. He had a widely-reported conflict with his father that filled him with a bitterness he could not swallow, and also made him want to prove himself more than anything else in the world.   As a wolf, Trevor became exemplary. He was a killing machine, fast and sharp and a perfect leader for his pack. By a quick look one could tell who the leader was- Trevor was larger than those in his pack and tended to rear back onto his hind legs, showing that he did have enough will to stand as a human but not to behave as one. His sharp eyes and large ears complimented his huge fangs- fangs so large that they showed even with his mouth closed. His fur was white as the moon with a large grey stripe which ran down the length of his back.  

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Notable Moments

  • Trevor, in wolf form, first appeared in Episode 65
  • Trevor's human form, and his story told in 'current' time was seen in Episode 69
  • Trevor was finally killed in Episode 72
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 65